How Much YouTube Pays For Views And Subscribers

Use the free YouTube Money Calculator to calculate the advertising revenue of monetized YouTube videos. You can calculate potential revenue from daily video views or by getting an estimated gross revenue for an existing video or channel.

Projected YouTube Revenue By Daily Views

This calculator shows the limit on how much YouTube pays for the number of views. Move the slider below to the left or right to set the number of views. Some popular numbers are 1000, 100,000, and 1 million views.

How To Use YouTube Money Calculator

This calculator estimates the total money earned by a specific YouTube video. Enter a valid video URL to estimate how much that video earned (or could have earned) from YouTube monetization.

Use the free YouTube money calculator to estimate (*) how much YouTube pays.

How We Calculate The Earnings

YouTube money Calculator estimates the amount of money that can be earned by monetizing YouTube videos and channels using a metric (revenue per 1000 records) called RPM.

Typical YouTube RPMs range from $1.36 to$ 3.40. The actual RPM value depends on your monetization layer.  Your monetization layer is largely based on your main location and the size of your followers. The higher your plot, the more RPM YouTube is willing to pay you.

Family-friendly videos that do not contain slanderous, violent, or sexually explicit material are more likely to be selected by advertisers and therefore attract more advertisers.

Note that this RPM limit reflects revenue after deducting YouTube AdSense commission (currently 45%). Thus the total, upfront commission revenue paid by advertisers will be estimated at $ 2.00 and $ 5.00 RPM.

The easiest way to calculate potential revenue from YouTube monetization is to use our free YouTube Money Calculator.

For example, you want to know how much YouTube pays for 1 million views. Move the slider to the desired number of views and view the minimum and maximum returns by default RPM.

What factors may affect your actual YouTube earnings?

There are many factors that directly or indirectly affect how much you can earn by monetizing your channel.

The number of views and the number of followers you have is the biggest factor. The more people watch your videos (and the ads that are added to your videos), the higher your revenue.

Your main location is another big factor. Brand-friendly videos (as opposed to controversial or provocative videos) attract more advertisers and therefore get more advertising bids.

Some other factors that affect the age and location of your audience, are actual clicks by ratio, ad blockers, percentage of false ad clicks, and more.



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