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Discord is a popular chat application. Although Discord initially found its niche as a way for players to chat while playing, it still found many fans, especially since the arrival of Covid Lockdowns. In addition, we saw how it can be of immense value to the creators. Creators can use Discord to socialize their followers.

In 2015, Discord was first introduced. Since then it has continued to grow, as evidenced by the figures we have listed below. Its competitors are Skype and Teamspeak. Skype targeted the corporate market, with TeamSpeak and Discord statistics initially focusing on gamers. However, over the past few years, Descartes has expanded their target market.

Discord Statistics: Revenue, Users

Discord has 150 Million Monthly Users

Discord has now grown to 350 million registered users, of whom 150 million are monthly active users. You can now run it on Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, iPadOS, Linux, and web browsers.

The most significant growth in 2020, when it grew from 56 million monthly users to 100 million, continued with a further 50% increase in 2021. It is clear that Covid has given people more time at home to chat on Discord servers.

Discord users sent more than 850 million messages a day in 2018

The operating system announced that in December 2020 Discord had 250 million registered users and its users sent more than 963 million messages a day. Although we do not have more recent statistics than these, the number of messages sent has since increased significantly.

4 billion minutes of server conversation per day

We may not have the latest statistics on the number of messages sent, but Discord has provided us with current measurements regarding the length of conversations. Discord users spend an average of 4 billion minutes of server conversation each day.

10.6 million peak simultaneous users

Simultaneously used data is not up to date as is common usage data. However, by the beginning of 2020, Discord statistics’ peak had reached 10.6 million users. Thanks to the effects of covid-activated lockdowns, this number is now undoubtedly higher.

19 million active servers on Discord

Discord’s idea of ​​having a separate server for each group has become so popular that there are now 19 million active servers per week on the platform. The increasing popularity of Discord ensures that it will compete with other notable communication applications such as Microsoft Teams and Google Chat (formerly Hangouts).

Discord Has Raised $482.6 Million in Funding

Different sources disagree on the exact amount of funding that Discord received, although according to Crunchpace, as of February 2021, Discord statistics has received a total of $ 482.6 million. The money came from 12 financial rounds, most recently from a $ 3.3 million secondary. Market round on February 1, 2021. The leading investor, in that case, was Sony Interactive Entertainment.

Discord was Valued at $7 Billion in 2020 But is Predicted to be worth $15 Billion Now

In one of Discord’s 2020 funding rounds, it is valued at $ 7 billion. However, in recognition of its subsequent popularity, this is set to change significantly. In August 2021, Bloomberg announced that it would lead investment in the Dragoneer Investment Group, with those familiar with the matter predicting that Discord statistics would be worth about $ 15 billion.

Discord Has Acquired 3 Organizations

Discord statistics has acquired three companies over the last few years. It purchased Blitz App in November 2018, Ubiquity6 in June 2021, and Sentropy in July 2021. Blitz App is a personal gaming coach for League of Legends, Valorant, CSGO, Fortnite, and more— powered by AI. Ubiquity6 uses computer vision to enable massively multiplayer, persistent AR experiences on top of the physical world.

Finally, Centroby is a machine learning-driven tool to protect digital communities from hate and harassment.



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