This blog article will give you a brief introduction to the top 5 USB-C docks for laptops and tablets that are worth purchasing today. It also includes a quick review of the best features of each pier and some helpful buying advice. Let’s get started with our list!

What is a USB-C dock?

USB-C docks are the new standard for connecting your laptop to a display. They allow you to use your existing USB-C ports and cables, so you can keep your workspace organized and portable. Here are our top picks for the best USB-C docks for laptops.

 Best USB-C docks for laptops and tablets

  1. Anker PowerCore+ 26800mAh Portable Charging Dock

This dock is a great option for those who need a lot of power. It has two USB-C ports that can each charge an iPhone or iPad up to 5 times, and it also has two regular USB ports so you can use it to charge other devices as well. Plus, the built-in battery will keep your devices powered up for up to six hours.

  1. Microsoft USB C docking station
    If you’re using a Windows 10 computer and you have an adapter for a micro USB port, you can use the Microsoft USB-C Docking Station to turn your computer into a mini workstation. The docking station has an HDMI output so you can display your screen on your TV or monitor, and it also has two USB 3.0 ports so you can connect to other devices. It’s compatible with both Windows 10 PCs and Macs, and it comes with a power cord and an Ethernet cable. You can use the docking station to transfer files between your computer and other devices or to keep your computer connected to the Internet while you work on other tasks.
  2. MIXA CABLE PA-1160UB 11000mAh Ultra-Compact Power Adapter

This powerful dock has a whopping 11,000mAh capacity, which means you can charge up to three devices at once. Plus, it has four USB-C ports so you can easily connect multiple devices, and it even comes with a carrying case so you can take it with you wherever you go.

  1. RAVPower 26800mAh Dual Port Portable Charger Station

This charger is perfect for those who need a lot of power for their devices. It has two fast charging ports that can juice up your phone in just 30 minutes, and it also includes a standard port so you can use it to charge other devices as well. The built-in battery will keep your device charged for up to six hours, so you’ll always have enough power no matter what happens.

Why make the switch to a USB-C dock?

There are many reasons why you should make the switch to a USB-C dock. For one, USB-C is the new standard in charging and data transfer. Not only is it more efficient than older ports, but it also supports Thunderbolt 3, which allows for faster data transfers and better graphics performance. Plus, USB-C docks come with more features than ever before, making them perfect for home and office use.

Here are some of the best USB-C docks for laptops:

  1. Anker PowerCore+ 26800mAh Portable Charger

This powerful portable charger can quickly juice up your laptop battery so that you can keep working even when there’s no outlet nearby. It also has an integrated cable organizer so that you can easily manage your cables while you’re on the go.

  1. Dell Inspiron 15 7000 Gaming Laptop Dock with USB Type C

This stylish dock from Dell works well with both laptops and desktop computers, thanks to its support for both Thunderbolt 3 and USB 3.1 Gen 1 Type-A ports. It comes with a built-in power adapter and a cable wrap system so that you can neatly organize your cables while you’re using your laptop docked.

  1. RAVPower Quick Charge 3 x 2 Standard Wall Charger

This fast wall charger from RAVPower is perfect for quick charging of your laptop batteries – ideal if you need to get back to work quickly! It has two

Choosing your USB-C dock

Whether you’re a laptop user at home or an office worker on the go, a USB-C dock can come in handy. Here are five of the best ones for laptops:

  1. Anker PowerCore+ 26800mAh Portable Charger

This charger is perfect for traveling and can charge multiple devices simultaneously. It has a fast charging capability and includes an AC adapter.

  1. NVIDIA Shield TV Pro AC Adapter with 3 Foot Cable

This dock has both a USB-C and HDMI port, so you can use it to output your device’s video to a screen or connect another device to it. It also comes with an AC adapter and 3-foot cable.

  1. Apple MacBook Air 13″ 2016 Unibody Aluminum Thunderbolt 3 Dock with MagSafe 2 Connector

This dock is great for users who own Apple products, as it supports both Thunderbolt 3 and MagSafe 2 connections. It also comes with a power cord and an AC adapter.

  1. Dell Inspiron 15 7000 7567 Gaming Laptop Docking Station w/HDMI & DP Output (M7662)

 This docking station is perfect for gamers who want to keep their laptop close by while they play games or do other work on the computer. It includes both an HDMI and DP output, as well as a power cord and an AC adapter.    

How do I choose my USB-C dock?

There are a lot of USB-C docks on the market, so how do you decide which one to buy? The deciding factor is what you need the dock for. 

If you’re just buying a dock to use with your laptop, then the best option is probably a basic USB-C dock that doesn’t have any extra features. However, if you want a dock that can also be used with your phone or other devices, then you’ll need to look for one that has more features. 

Here are some factors to consider when choosing a USB-C dock:

➤ What type of devices does the dock support? 

Most docks support both USB-A and USB-C devices, but some only support USB-A devices. If you have multiple types of devices that need to be charged, it’s important to choose a dock that supports all of them.

➤ What kind of ports does the dock have? 

USB-C docks usually have two ports – one for charging your laptop and one for connecting your phone or another device. It’s essential to pick a dock that has enough ports so that you can use it with both your laptop and your other devices. 

➤ Is the docked portable? 

Some docks are designed specifically for use at home or in an office, while others are more portable and can be taken with you on trips. It’s important to choose a dock that will fit your


If you’re looking for a dock that can keep your laptop and work-related accessories organized and easily accessible, the best USB-C dock for laptops is the Anker PowerCore+ 26800. This dock has enough power to charge multiple devices simultaneously, as well as two 3.5mm audio jacks so you can listen to music or watch videos without having to use an external speaker or headphones. It’s also lightweight and easy to move around so it will fit in any workspace.

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