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Whether you are a student or a professional content writer, you know that all publications require a specific word count requirement. If you count words manually in your writing, the chances of errors rise. In times like these, the advanced technology has made our work easier to count the total number of characters and words in a given text effectively with the word counter online tool.

That is why all experienced and novice writers rely on a reliable word counter in computing their content’s length. 

Most significantly, you do not need to download any app or browser to run this tool. This article unleashes the top five word counters for you to use. 

Let’s get started!


Word counter is one of the leading online tools that help you keep track of your essay’s and assignment’s length. 

This free online word count tool enables you to count characters (with and without spaces), words, sentences, and even pages. Its user-friendly interface gives you accurate details. 

Furthermore, it also helps you to figure out your typing speed. Plus, it also provides you with an overview of word density. 

Whether you are a professor, student, blogger, or general user, you can access it anywhere at any time. 

It perfectly helps you to stay within the word limit. This tool comes in handy when your mentor assigns you to write a summary of 300 words. Besides assignments, it also helps you write an application essay for a specific college or university. 

Some premium features of this online word counter are:


With this amazing tool, you can switch on the autosave option. In this way, your written text will be saved automatically. Plus, your text will remain the same whenever you return to this tool. 

Clear Text

With a single click, you can clear your entire text. 

Change Case

This option of word counter allows you to alter the text case of a selected text.

Change Font 

With a single click, you can modify the font of your text.

Grammar Checker 

Another benefit of using this tool is that it provides you with a free grammar checker to remove all the punctuation and grammar mistakes. 

In this way, you can master your work within seconds. With this grammar checker option, you can hone your grammar skills. It saves your time and effort.  


It is another free word count tool for computing characters and words in your content. As it counts characters and words simultaneously, you can easily toggle on/off whether you like to count with or without spaces.

Also, it displays the restricted word limit of social media. 

So, you do not need to compute words manually when you have this word counter. 

With this word counter tool, you can easily see everything you need at once. 


This tool automatically measures the length of your written characters, words, and sentences. It is 100% free. All you need to do is to enter the text in it. 

It instantly displays the exact count. Plus, it shows you the reading time, readability, and keywords in the text. 

It assists you in keeping track of strict word count. In short, it enables you to balance the length and detail of your text


This amazing tool is developed with numerous options. It has become very difficult to calculate the total number of characters and words manually.

Likewise, while crafting a thesis or essay, you have to keep track of your content’s length. Most often, professors do not tolerate overwritten text. 

This is because they prefer quality content. That’s why the Prepostseo word counter shows you the exact density of characters and words. 

In short, it is an ideal tool to trace the metrics of written assignments.


 Here is another free online word counter to assist you in checking the exact number of characters and words. 

Most significantly, you can count an unlimited number of letters, sentences, and paragraphs. By using this tool, you will be able to track your content’s length. 

It is easy to use and instantly displays the results. Plus, there is no limit to counting characters and words. 

Five ways to stick to word count on college assignment 

While writing a college essay or any other assignment, you have to consider these things:

  • Brainstorming the topic
  • Drafting it
  • Proofreading and editing 
  • Sticking to the word count

Keeping your assignment concise can be a grueling task. Also, you have to stick to word count. If you follow certain things, you can impressively track the assignment word count. 

Outline your paper

First things first!

Narrow down your paper’s scope. Take a closer look at your topic and create an outline. It helps you to stick to the word count. 

Focus on the main purpose of your writing. What do you want to convey through your assignment? Which stance are you going to take?

In a nutshell, create your own narrative and stick to it. 

Pinpoint the crucial information that is related to your main idea. On the contrary, cut off the sentences that do not best fit your assignment.

A crystal clear outline will give you a roadmap to convey your message without wasting your words.

Craft a concise introduction  

Your paper’s body is the most important part of your writing. Write a brief introduction.

Plus, save your words for the body of your assignment. In your introduction, include:

  • A hook statement to attract readers
  • Vital information
  • A killer thesis statement

Remember, the introduction should be 5-6 sentences. 

Focus on the crucial stuff

Focus on the information that strengthens your narrative. For example, if you want to explain the challenges in your life, you should state the challenges first.

In addition, the majority of your paper should focus on how you tackled the challenges. 

Remove redundancies

Eliminate all the repetitive words, phrases, and sentences from your writing. Also, remove sentences that convey a similar meaning. 

Cut off the unnecessary words 

Sticking to a strict word count requires you to avoid using unnecessary words and sentences. Write to the point!

Remove words like:

  • Very 
  • Basically
  • Definitely
  • Maybe
  • Rather 
  • Really
  • Quite

Using these ways will make your writing more compelling and to the point. They will not only help you stick to a restricted word count, but you will also craft engaging copy by practicing them.

Best of luck!



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