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According to the study ‘Marketing Evolution: Leadership, Transformation, Skills, Challenges & the Future, 71% of senior marketers and 61% of mid-level marketers are responsible for digital transformation in their organizations.

However, ‘The 2021 State of Digital Transformation’ found that only 23% of CMOs are on track with digital transformation.

But this should not be the case as marketing leaders and their teams are best placed to take an active role in the transformation. In this blog, we explore the skills and knowledge that marketing can use to accelerate and execute your digital transformation strategy.

Why are marketing leaders best placed to lead?

A marketing team’s role is to inform, influence, and convert. It requires a unique set of skills and insights into the business and customer process.

When developing a digital transformation strategy, marketing leaders can step back and look at the big picture; Create a vision of where the company is and where it wants to be.

It’s not just for marketing, the business, and its operations as a whole, not just parts of that lifecycle, but the entire customer lifecycle needs to be in mind in digital transformation.

Know thy customer

An important part of a marketer’s job is to keep abreast of new trends and developments. It involves not only technology but also customer needs and behaviors. Contingency planning and future-proofing is essential for any business.

There is no getting away from the importance of customer experience. Customers are increasingly demanding and looking for an international approach where every touch point within a business is consistent and seamless.

Understand your data

Marketing leaders rely on data. This helps them make better decisions whether it’s paid advertising performance or lead-to-close rates.

You may have a lot of data, but you can gain critical insights for your business. You want data to help your business achieve performance, leads, and revenue, and marketing teams to do just that.

Soft skills

Technical knowledge and skills are essential in today’s workplace, especially in marketing. However, this is not the whole picture.

Soft skills, which include behaviors, personality traits, and work habits, are also called hard skills. Additionally, they help create diverse and agile teams – essential for any digital transformation process.

How do you transform happen?

Navigating and embracing change can be difficult. But in today’s fast-moving environment there is no other choice. The pandemic showed us how quickly the external environment can change without warning, and how you react will determine success.

– A lack of follow up

– Analysis paralysis

– Unclear expectations

– Making decisions in a bubble

– Changing too much at once

Listen – It focuses on listening to your customers and employees. Be interested in customer feedback, such as reviews or calls, and engage customers in polls or focus groups. Create a feedback loop for your employees and hold regular meetings to gain insights.

Evaluate – Focus on your business goals and watch your KPIs. Use the data you need to see where the biggest change can be made. Don’t wait for more data, let marketers use the insights they have to inform decisions.

Implement – Inform and prepare your team for change. Each team member must know what is coming, when, and what is expected to achieve it. Be available to provide training if needed and discuss the ‘why’ to move it forward.

Execute – It’s about how you implement what you decide and follow through with your team. At this stage, provide training, create any gaps, communicate expectations, and recognize early adopters.

Repeat – Be committed to the changes you make and take your teams with you. Once you’ve made a change, go back and repeat these steps for subsequent changes. Change is hard but worth it in the end.

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