Social Media Marketing Company in Bangalore

Social media is a big trend, perhaps the biggest trend in this current era. Using social media to position your business in your target market is a real challenge. But most businesses are overwhelmed by this social media phenomenon and tend to lose their grip on harnessing its potential. People have a vague and restrictive idea that social media is limited to social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

Bangalore is a technology hub and the third most populous city in India. social media marketing agencies have mushroomed in Bangalore over the past few years. The agency business also has a long tail of agencies that start by working with small businesses/startups and gradually move to serve enterprise clients.

The long tail makes it incredibly difficult to estimate the exact number of agencies in the market. As digital marketing agencies move from small businesses to enterprise clients, the workload and retainer fees increase.

Bangalore has also become a hub for many large multinational companies to localize content and digital marketing campaigns for global markets. For example, IBM works with its agencies in India to localize campaigns for multiple markets.

Let’s say you’re considering choosing a digital marketing agency for your next campaign. We have compiled a list of social Fmarketing agencies in Bangalore that you should consider in your shortlisting process.

Best Social Media Marketing Agencies in Bangalore

22Feet Tribal WW

22ft was launched in 2009 as an independent social media marketing agency with offices in Bangalore and Mumbai. Over the years, the agency has grown to include an office in Gurgaon, India. 22 feet separate marquee customers like Spotify, Nike, Royal Enfield, and Tanishq. The company was DDB Group in 2014 and merged with Tribe Global.


Langoor was launched in 2009 as an independent social media marketing agency. The company currently has a team of 150+ people with offices in India, Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Australia. Langoor is named after ‘The Great Indian Langoor’, a type of monkey found only in India. Langoor works with a global client base with leading clients such as Intuit, Accenture, Ford, and News Corp. Langoor was acquired by Havas Group in 2019 and rebranded as Langoor Havas.

Social Beat

Social Beat is an independent social media marketing agency founded in 2012 and currently has offices in Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai, and Delhi. The agency now has a team of 170+ digital professionals and offers a full range of digital marketing services to its clients.


Performics is one of India’s leading performance marketing companies with offices in Mumbai, Gurgaon, and Bangalore. Performance works with leading clients like Axis Bank, Lenovo, and HDFC. Performix also has independent social media marketing agencies like Resultrix (2012) and Convonix (2013) to strengthen its presence in India.


WatConsut is headquartered in Mumbai with offices in Bangalore, Kolkata, and Delhi. The Bangalore office was established in 2017 and manages clients such as Himalaya Group, Jockey India, Bosch Ltd, TATA Tetley, Peopleworks, and Splash India among other Indian brands. Dentsu acquired WatConsult in 2014.

Hash Connect

Hash Connect is an integrated experiential and social media marketing agency based in Bangalore. The company was founded in 2014 and currently serves brands like Lenovo, Vodafone, Intel, and Mahindra.


Ralecon was founded in 2012 as an independent social media marketing agency. The company has worked with 500+ clients in 10 different countries. Ralecon works with clients like William Penn, Paytm, HDFC Reality, Mfine.


Webenza started in 2012 as an independent digital marketing agency. The company currently works with marquee clients like Manipal Hospitals, Ezetap, ClearTrip, Titan, etc. The company offers specialized services and products for online brand Management, Search Optimization, Online Reputation Management, Social CRM, Market Research & Analytics for Businesses, and Individual Brands (Celebrity Management).



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