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The world has gone digital and no one can ignore the power of social media. On average, Indians spend an hour and a half on social media. Hence, it is the best platform to connect with the target audience and build a brand. Earlier, social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter were used by brands to publish content.

Now the paradigm has changed and social media has become the most powerful tool to grow a business. To implement an effective strategy, you need the help of experts. If you haven’t hired a social media agency in Mumbai yet, it’s high time. But first, let’s discuss what social media marketing is and how important it is to modern business solutions.

What is social media marketing?

The term refers to strategically leveraging the power of social media platforms to generate traffic, increase sales and build a brand. With thoughtful planning, an expert team will publish content to increase engagement. To increase the interest of the target audience, brands invest in social media advertising to expand their reach and generate more profit. Paid ads are a great way to increase visibility. However, small businesses can adopt free advertising tools to generate traffic while keeping their marketing plans within budget.

What are the techniques used for social media marketing?

It is important to hire the best social media agency in Mumbai so that you can gain thoughtful insights into the behavior and preferences of your target audience. A brand can use these insights in a variety of ways to increase profitability and brand visibility. The most common techniques used for social media marketing strategies are:

  • Social engagement
  • Contests, polls, and surveys
  • Community development
  • Planning and data mining
  • Social analytics and reporting
  • Collaboration with influencers
  • Publishing viral content

What are the benefits of social media marketing?

Social media ensures better reach for businesses of all sizes. With the number of internet users increasing day by day, the digital marketing industry in India is estimated to be worth around INR 17000 crore. Therefore, the growth opportunities for growing and promoting a brand are endless on social platforms. Applying social media marketing techniques in the right strategies and at the right time can help in many ways:

Wider reach

With a social media agency platform, a brand can invest in paid advertising to cover a wide demographic, which is difficult with the help of traditional advertising media.

Higher SEO rankings

Increased visibility on social platforms can also help improve a business’s ranking on search engine platforms, which ultimately helps increase profits.

Better customer service

While leveraging the communication power of social media, a brand ensures that they are available to their customers at all times. Personalized response and excellent customer service help garner strong satisfaction levels from end users.

Increased conversions

Even a start-up can increase visibility by hiring the best social media agency in Mumbai. As a result, website traffic will increase and in no time, new and small businesses can see beneficial results in the form of higher conversion rates.

More power to the brand

With the growing popularity of social media tools, a business can reap the benefits of increased brand awareness, enhanced brand loyalty, and ultimately greater brand authority as an established and trusted business.

Competitor insights

Social media experts provide analysis and reports to show the growth of the business. As part of the strategy, they conduct competitor analysis for a company to know market conditions and information about their major competitors.


Social media marketing is a cost-effective technique to connect with the audience to increase sales compared to traditional advertising media. Setting up a social media profile is free, so hiring a company to handle the task can be a low-cost strategy. Depending on the budget, you can invest in paid ads or stick to unpaid techniques to increase visibility and generate sales.

Which are the top 10 social media marketing agencies in Mumbai

Many experts can help you in implementing the right digital strategy. Finding the best social media agency in Mumbai is huge. Competition among marketing agencies is fierce, but 10 of the best companies make it to the top.


It is an award-winning social media agency in Mumbai, trusted by thousands of clients to enhance its digital presence. With their mastery of mind and a decade of expertise, the company has been driving growth with digital campaigns for DoubleTree by Hilton, Inlingua, Ivory Route, Masalabar, Ferns N Magazines, Adidas, and more.


The company prides itself on its global partnerships and takes an integrated approach to generate revenue from social campaigns across its client base. By leveraging platform expertise, the agency builds a satisfying customer base in the banking industry. A performance-oriented social media company plays a major role in providing paid social campaign services.

BC Webwise:

Ranked among the top creative agencies, the company offers end-to-end digital solutions. They offer personalized services and deliver award-winning campaigns. Bharat Benz and Hero MotoCorp are some of their recent creations.


Their media and technology services have won them numerous awards and recognition worldwide. Their marketing and consulting expertise help clients from the healthcare, manufacturing, hospitality, and banking sectors generate huge social media marketing revenue.


They call themselves transformational companies and want to guide businesses with thoughtful analysis to work towards their specific vision. With seamless tactics, the agency creates a brand strategy for several large clients.


Formerly known as Social Wavelength, the company boasts a pan-India footprint. With its 360 degrees approach, the agency is delivering social media management solutions in communication strategy, community management, and content creation.


It is a creative company that offers countless social media management services. They have experience working with Wipro and Microsoft Airtel and work with tested strategies to help businesses survive in the Indian market.


It is a full-suite social media agency that helps brands maximize their visibility with ROI-driven strategies. Founded six years ago, today, the company has gained experience and helped many start-ups increase their leads and sales.

Interactive Avenues:

Headquartered in Andheri, the award-winning social media agency develops ideas and strategies to deliver the growth expected by its clients. With a wide range of specialized services, the company has won the trust of many established brands like Amazon, BookMyShow, and Jockey.

Ogilvy Public Relations:

The company has a rich heritage and serves clients across the globe. With an operational process to earn end-users trust, the Mumbai-based social media company drives business growth for large clients like DuPont and American Express.

Wrapping up

Creating a Facebook page is not enough to generate huge income from social media platforms. Every year, more than 50 million small businesses create a social media profile. But how many of them manage it consistently like a pro? A social media agency in Mumbai will bridge the gap between your ability to publish content and your ability to drive business growth. So, it’s time to implement more interactive social media marketing strategies and create a buzz in the digital space. Now that you have the list of top 10 social media marketing agencies in Mumbai, choose the one that best suits your business needs and budget.



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