Media Kit

Media Kit/ press kit is a mini portfolio that contains the professional representation of your business and its brand assets. Traditionally, media kits were sent to media companies for advertising and PR opportunities. But today, businesses have digitized their press tools and made them accessible to the public on the press page of their website.

Why Do You Need a Media Kit?

Journalists often cheat on multiple stories and time is limited. If they make it easy for you to find information about yourself, grab a logo or photo and run it with the story, you will have a better chance of getting free expression.

Losing opportunities is easy. If you make it too hard for the writer, they can go to your competitor and highlight them. Have your press kit ready so you can get them when opportunities come.

What to put in Media Kit?

Each media kit is unique and the contents depend on your experience and the special elements of your launch. To find out what to put in your press kit, you need to look at your business through the eyes of a journalist.

  • Biographies of Staff and Leadership
  • Photos
  • Company History
  • Recent Press Releases
  • List of Industry Awards
  • Other Noteworthy News Stories About Your Brand
  • Image of Logo
  • Answers to Frequently Asked Questions
  • Contact Information for the PR Department

12 Media Kit Examples

Unitel Voice

Unitel Voice gives a clean look to their press Kit page. Notice how they list some of the rules for how to brand their brand. It builds brand consistency no matter who they mention or what coverage they get.


AWeber’s Electronic Media Kit page offers different media kits for different purposes. For those who want to publish something about the company online, they have a web press kit, and for those who want to publish in print, they provide separate files.

Design Roast

Design Roast does a good job of adding some basic “about” information to their Media Kit page and then providing additional details via download.


OptinMonster presents some basic facts in the form of a web page and outlines some of its employees. They also list various parts of their media kit, including press releases and other media coverage.


Happyfox puts its logo and wordmark on top of its Media Kit page so they are easily recognizable by users. They then add a call to action via the “Download Media Kit” on the left side of the page and a button explaining that it contains EPK logos, screenshots, photos, and video.


Squarespace opens with its most recent press coverage. It can attract new media or give journalists ideas about what is already covered.


Expensify gets the right point and shows what they did by listing the entire collection of their latest news releases. Journalists realize a story idea about their company, the details on this page provide a lot of insight into the developments within the company.


Starry Magazine has a dedicated page for members. This web service startup company has a kit that you can download, but it also lists the email address if you have additional questions.

Worldwide Supply

Especially in the early days, when creating your press kit with models, you need to keep the focus as simple as possible. Take a look at how global distribution attracts interest.


Evernote makes it great for journalists to add headlines and explain the purpose of their page. There is no confusion as to what people will find in the Digital Media Kit on this page.


Zendesk creates an interactive experience for their press kit. The user is taken to a new land called “Brandland”, where they learn about the brand, explore resources, or enlist the help of a help center.


Treehouse offers its Press Kit in an easy-to-download PDF document. You will find information on how to use branding images, name and company details, and history.



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