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Instagram stories are fun ways to share information such as an overview of your daily life or an upcoming product release. They are made quickly, consumed quickly, and most importantly, are the best way to engage with your followers. More than 500 million users use Instagram Stories every day and it has now become an essential tool for digital marketing.

In a previous article, we listed some creative ideas to spice up your Instagram stories and keep your followers engaged. In this article, we will focus on Instagram Story Games. Games are not only great for attracting people’s attention and increasing engagement – your followers can spread the word by tagging their friends and having fun.

16 Instagram Stories Game Ideas

Make Ridiculous Choices with “Would You Rather”

The most popular Instagram story game is Wood You Rather, which can offer hilarious and challenging choices.

Get To Know What People Prefer with “This or That”

This or that involves players choosing between options, just as you would like. The game is lightweight and provides an overview of your audience’s preferences.

Play Around with Trendy Instagram AR Filters

If you think you do not have enough creative ability to come up with your own IG Story Game templates, Instagram has got your support. The creators of Instagram share in the app many hilarious AR filters that will make your followers laugh.

Do a Blackout with Bingo

Bingo is not a sober way to kill time for your grandparents. By blocking the boxes that describe your experiences and/or current status, Bingo is a classic game that appeals to people.

GIF Challenges to Make Everybody’s Day

Test the GIF key knowledge limits of your followers with the hilarious GIF challenge! GIF Challenges is open to eye-catching and engaging and sending out stunning GIF responses. Engage more IG users by sharing the entries of your followers.

Pull Up the Emoji Keyboard with the Emoji Challenge

This Instagram Story Game helps your followers measure their moods and emotions throughout the day, as well as engage with your community. Followers of the emoji challenge do not have to type their thoughts, instead of relying on the shared meanings of different emojis.

Inform your Audience with a Round of “True or False”

True or false the game never gets old, and it translates well into Instagram stories as well. Test your followers’ general knowledge of the products and services at your site. In the next story post, explain why truth is true or false. This is a great opportunity to inform your audience and advertise your special offers.

Set Up Product Polls to Determine the Crowd’s Favorite

Polls are diverse, and Instagram Stories allows businesses and creators to promote new introductions to their followers through quick polls. Compare the two products and list their highlights. Add a poll sticker, customize and leave it up to customers to choose the product or service that best suits their needs.

Test Your Word Power with Crossword Puzzles

Do you want to test the brains of your followers? Drag the crossword puzzle template above! Throw some fun at the challenge by saying the first word they can find to your followers. Don’t forget to add a watermark so other IG users know where and how to find you!

Quiz Your Followers with Pop Quizzes

A pop quiz is an equally entertaining and informative strategy to introduce your brand and promote engagement. Set up pop-up quizzes to test your followers’ knowledge of your brand and the products or services you offer.

Slide To the Left or Right with Emoji Sliders

When words are not enough to express the level of emotion you are experiencing, emoji sliders can do it for you. Let your followers judge a portion of the content related to their needs, preferences, and aesthetic appeal.

Nurture Friendship and Community with Slam Book Pages

Slambook pages are an amazing technique to encourage participation and foster engagement within the audience. Like the regular slam book, the Instagram Story slam book pages have empty fields for participants to enter their information, interests, and hobbies.

Keep Your Followers Guessing with Guessing Games

If you think you have gathered enough information about your audience, now is the time to turn your attention to yourself. Let your followers guess about anything using the quiz or question sticker, and ask what kind of music you are currently listening to or how far you have been jogging this morning.

Ask, and your Followers Shall Receive with Ask Me a Question

If you are familiar with Reddit’s #AskMeAnything, please ask me a question sticker or a question. Followers under the sun ask you anything, and you choose which answers to share in your Instagram stories.

Focus on Your Audience with “Fill in the Blanks”

Feel that you have ‘Run out of gas’ emotionally? Do not regret it! Filling in the blanks also engages your audience and increases brand awareness. Think of personal lists or launch reports related to your brand. Encourage your followers to share their responses to Instagram stories.

Color without Going Over the Lines with Coloring Pages

No one is too old to paint! Posting colorful pages on your Instagram stories encourage your followers to engage in their creative pages.



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