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Before we start, a simple question is how many hours do you spend watching your favorite series, movie, TV serial or cricket match on online streaming platforms like Hotstar, Amazon Prime Video or Netflix?

According to the Economic Times, Indian smartphone users spend an average of 1.1 hours of entertainment content every day on platforms like Hotstar, Amazon Prime Video and Netflix.

While Netflix and Amazon Prime are popular in the West, Hotstar is undoubtedly the top streaming channel in India.

Now that you know the impact of Hotstar on people’s minds, let us understand what it takes to advertise on Hotstar.

Advertise On Hotstar In India: Let’s Get Started!

Looking for the best online platform to advertise or promote your products or services? Do you want to reach engaged users or get more traffic by running ads?

Try Hotstar and you will definitely get the results you are looking for.

Apart from this, advertising on Hotstar is very easy.

You can start your Hostar ads within minutes after you spend buying a gift for your girlfriend. Well, but to get up and running very quickly, you must have this Hotstar Promotion Guide.

So, before you dive straight into our advertise on Hotstar guide and the costs of advertising on Hotstar, we want to let you know about some of the special features of advertise on Hotstar in India.

Hotstar Ads Targeting Options

Well, if you think there are other ways to increase your customer base, why should I invest in Hotstar Ads, your thoughts will change completely in the next few minutes! Want to know how? Let’s get into it!

Get the audience you need for your business

Get Tailored Audience for your Business

If you already have a huge customer base, advertising on Hotstar can help you retain those customers and increase sales for your business.

Get Dupes or Lookalike Audience For Your Business

Need more customers similar to your existing potential customers? Hotstar Ads are the way to knock similar audiences.

Get the audience of the desired demographic

Target customers based on location

Hotstar lets you run advertising campaigns in the desired city, state, or country.

Target customers based on age and gender

Hotstar helps you display your business ads to the desired age and gender.

Target customers based on Language

With Hotstar Ads, target customers based on their language preferences.

Get the customers with the right interest

Invest in Interest-Based Targeting advertisements on Hotstar

Travelers don’t like clothing ads! Hotstar understands this well and lets you target customers based on food, travel, shopping, etc.

How To Advertise On Hotstar?

Here is a step-by-step guide to start advertising on Hotstar. Follow the steps below to start your first Disney Hotstar ad campaign.

The first step to start advertising on Hotstar is to visit the Hotstar advertising service. When you enter the home page of the website, you will see a button that says “Advertise on Hotstar”. Click the button to start your first Hotstar ad campaign.

Click on “Advertise on Hotstar” and you will be redirected to a page with registration option. Register if you don’t have a Hotstar account, otherwise login with your credentials.

Once you create your new account or login with your existing credentials, you can go through the various steps involved in advertising on Hotstar.

In the first step, you will enter your “Promotion Details” where you will have to choose the category for your promotion like travel, food, entertainment, food etc.

Second, you need to choose an objective for your ad. Brand awareness, traffic and impact are three objectives you can choose from.

  • If you are launching a new product or service, choose brand awareness.
  • If you want more number of visitors to your website then choose traffic.
  • If you want more exposure in a shorter period of time, choose Impact.
  • Also, fill in the details like your campaign name, brand name etc.

In the second step, choose from the various types of ad formats mentioned above. For your convenience, here we are repeating different types of ad formats to advertise on Hotstar. This includes:

  • Pre Roll
  • Mid Roll
  • In-Stream Display
  • Native Frames Ad
  • Spotlight Stubs Ad

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