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Discord bots are an important component of a well-functioning Discord server. You can find discount bots to automate moderate tasks, including music, polls, games, prizes, and more. But searching the internet for “Discord Bots” brings millions of results and it will not be a fun time.

Discard bot listing sites like a top. gg and discord. bots.gg maybe even more – especially if you do not know what you want to add to your Discord server.

Fortunately, you found this article. Here’s a list of our 11 favorite Discord bots that you can use to upgrade your Discord server, and turn it into a fun, vibrant place that your members will love. Before we get into bots, let’s take a look at what Discord bots are.

What are Discord Bots?

Discord bots are AI-enabled tools that help automate tasks on your Discord server. They make it much easier to create a community that is truly involved and can be used to manage your server, welcome new members, or block people who create a bad environment for everyone else.

In addition to moderate features, Discord Bots allow you and your users to add games, music, memes, and other fun, engaging and entertaining content.

11 Discord bots to upgrade your server


MEE6 is one of the best desktop bots for the tedious and tedious tasks you have to do, but don’t like. The bot will automatically scan chats on your Discord server for external links, spam, spoilers, and bad language. After a certain number of violations within a certain period, you can set it to disable, kick or permanently block the user. This bot can be used to play music or assign participation levels to your users. It integrates with YouTube and Twitch.


The chip is a free music port for Discord. Allow your Descart server members to play songs from Twitch, Bandcamp, YouTube, Mixer, Vimeo, and SoundCloud. The chip allows users to create, mix, skip, move, re-run, and create loop songs as well as display lyrics for songs. It also has free audio controls such as voice, treble, and bass boost, as well as an audio equalizer.

Dank Memer

If memes are your love language, Tank Memor is the Discord Bot for you. You get bot commands that make it easy to add the right memes or create your memes. Dank Memer has a currency element that allows users to get coins through gambling, stealing from other users, and more. You can use the coin to get fantastic items from the bot shop.


Hydra is another music disc port that your members can use to stream from Bandcamp, Spotify, YouTube, Deezer, and Soundcloud. Like the chip, the Hydra comes with several audio features that allow you to loop, move, replay, skip, vote skip, and shuffle songs. You can also search for lyrics or other song information.

According to the administrators, Hydra includes some special features so that specific users can ban the use of the bot, change the language, announce the song to be sung, control how many times a particular song can be played, and so on.

Helper. gg

Help.gg If you use Discord to help customers or plan projects, this bot will be invaluable. Tickets are optimized for Discord and may refer to specific channels or server rolls to ensure the right people watch it.


Groovy is one of the most popular discord bots for music. It allows members to play songs by searching file uploads, web links, or specific songs. Like the other Discord bots we talked about for music, Groove allows you to create sequences that can skip, mix, loop, clear the sequence, and more. You can also search for lyrics.


Music is a big thing on Discord servers, can you tell? Octave is another popular discord that lets you play songs from YouTube or Soundcloud. Like other Discord bots for music, you can create playlists, pause, re-enable and display sequential songs and lyrics.

PollBot Advanced

PollBot is a desktop bot that allows you to create polls on your server. Available ballots include timed ballots, yes / no ballots, and ballots with optional answers. Polls are a great way to get feedback from members and plan events and understand what your members want to see from you in the future.


If you want to add a text-based roleplay game to your server, IdleRPG is the Discord bot for you. Your members can create characters, buy or trade sporting goods, wage war, engage in quests, join guilds, and much more. If you ever want to create your world and open it to your members, apply the IdleRPG bill.


Apollo is a scheduling bot that makes it easy to create and plan events and meetings on your Discord server. If you wish, you can delete the event post when it is finished or set it to delete automatically at the time you specify. With this bot, you can send messages to event participants and create a series of events.


Arcane is a Discord Bot that may be of interest to YouTube influencers. This is a leveling and moderate bot you can use to set up XP and reward members. Auto-evaluation functions allow you to sign in to new and outgoing members, prevent spam, block certain words, disable, alert, kick or block your server violators. Additionally, YouTubers can use it to send notifications from YouTube to your Discord server when you post a new video.



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