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Pinterest reveals the bulletin board craze we all have but Pinterest stats are important for social media managers – knowing the facts and figures that stand out from them is an essential part of marketing strategies on and off-site. At a glance, statistics help marketers understand Pinterest visitors and find popular content.

21 Mind-blowing Pinterest Stats

Pinterest is the 14th largest social networking site in the world

Pinterest is the 14th largest site in the world as of January 2022, in terms of active users worldwide.

The platform beats both Twitter and Reddit but lags behind social networks like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat.

The platform now has 431 million monthly active users

In February 2021, Pinterest reported 459 million monthly active users – the largest increase ever by the operating system (37% year on year). But in February 2022, they reported a 6% decline.

Pinterest’s monthly U.S. user figures shrink by 12% in 2021

Pinterest’s Q4 2021 shareholder report said the decline in users was largely in the United States, with monthly active users dropping from 98 million to 86 million.

Pinterest’s total revenue increased 20% in Q4 2021

Despite a slight decline in the number of users, Pinterest’s revenue grew significantly in 2021. In a letter to shareholders, the company reported total revenue of $ 847 million in 2021 (up from $ 706 million in 2020).

59% of Pinterest’s leadership team are white

According to the company’s most recent diversity report (released in 2021), whites make up 43% of Pinterest’s total employees but 59% of leadership positions.

Pinterest has promised to increase the number of employees to 20% by 2025 from under-represented species and species.

In its May 18 2021 report, Pinterest announced that by 2025, 20% of its employees will be “less racial and ethnic”.

In 60% of women, the gender gap on Pinterest may be reduced

Women have always surpassed men on Pinterest. But in a 2021 blog post, the company’s head of global business marketing identifies men as one of the site’s fastest-growing figures.

Women aged 25-34 make up 29.1% of Pinterest’s advertising audience

Women outnumber men and non-binary users by every age, but this is especially evident in brackets 25 to 34. The findings of Pinterest’s self-service advertising tools show that the Pinterest population is geared towards young people, especially women.

86.2% of Pinterest users also use Instagram

It transforms Instagram into a social media platform that brings together the largest audience with Pinterest (Facebook 82.7%, then Youtube 79.8%).

1.8% of Internet users call Pinterest their favorite social media site

It may not seem big, but because of the variety of social media sites, 1.8% is not bad (for sure, there is no denying that TikTok is huge, but only 4.3% of internet users aged 16 to 64 called it 2021, their favorite). It’s hard to be in the first place.

82% of people use Pinterest on mobile

The number of mobile users on the platform changes slightly every year, but at least since 2018, it has been more than 80%.

People watch over a billion videos a day on Pinterest

Not everyone associates Pinterest  with video, but it is growing vertically on the platform. To support the growth, the company has launched Pinterest Premier Advertising packages, which are set to increase the target and accessibility of video campaigns.

97% of the best searches on Pinterest are unmarked

Indicates that the latter is open to discovering new products and ideas. AKA, good audience for advertising: From October 2021 to January 2022, Pinterest stats ads reached 226 million people.

85% later say they use Pinterest to plan new projects

When people use Pinterest in different ways, a significant percentage of them are later planners. Often, people come to the stage when they are in the early stages of a project or purchase decision.

Vacation planning starts 9 months in advance

In April 2020, the number of searches for “Christmas gift ideas” was three times higher than the previous year. And by August 2021 — after the small holiday celebrations of the first year of the COVID-19 epidemic — the number of holiday-related searches in August was already 43 times higher. Compared to last year.

8 out of 10 users of Pinterest say that this site makes them feel positive

Pinterest has positively improved where other sites have failed. In fact, in an August 2020 report, Pinterest announced that 50% of UK users call it “an online oasis”. One reason people feel this way is that the company banned political advertising in 2018.

Advertisers on Pinterest Stats can reach over 200 million people

Pinterest’s quarterly change in January 2020 was 169 million and in January 2022 it was 226 million. Part of this increase is the result of Pinterest adding more countries to its advertising target portfolio.

Shopping Involvement Increased By 20% In 2021

Pinterest stats says, “The number of aftershocks in the shopping area has grown by more than 20% in Q4 [2021] on a quarterly and quarterly yearly basis.”

75% of weekly Pinterest users say they always shop

Pinterest users are in a consumer mood — according to the company’s Feed Optimization Playbook, weekly users of Pinterest are 40% more likely to say they want to shop and 75% more likely to say they are always shopping.

5 times more likely to buy later from tri-on enabled pins

According to Pinterest, if users try something on AR it will cost five times as much to buy it. The latter is especially looking for tri-on pins – lens camera searches are increasing by 126% year on year.



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