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Content creation is one of the most effective strategies to increase brand awareness and improve brand identity. According to statistics, nearly 38% of marketers and business owners plan to invest in content strategies this year. However, there is no denying that creating content can be difficult and time-consuming. Hence, content creation platforms are needed to create content quickly and easily. The following sites have been tested and proven effective for creating content for your brand.

Best Content Creation Platforms

Canva – Create stunning graphics

Canva is known for its flexibility. This content creation platform has lots of templates, elements and filters, and functions to create amazing designs. Canva made it possible for non-designers to create aesthetic content.

Removal.AI – Remove the background and create awesome graphic designs

Removal.AI is, as its name suggests, a platform that removes backgrounds from images using artificial intelligence (AI) technology. Photographers, e-commerce business owners, and web designers use this tool a lot because it allows you to remove backgrounds from multiple images at once.

DesignStripe – Create excellent illustrations for your subsequent campaigns

This content creation platform is a presentation tool used by content creators as well. They provide template charts for you to choose from an extensive array of libraries. It gives the feeling of each image like friendly, happy, smart, funny, and many more. So, it’s easy to use when you have this feeling or emotion. Just type it in the charts and it will instantly appear on your screen.

Grammarly – Write the best content fit for your brand standards

Grammarly is a tool that helps you create grammatically correct content with help features to help with your grammar, voice, engagement, and clarity of thought. This tool was designed to help bloggers and content writers write content that fits your brand standards.

Unbounce – Build landing pages in minutes

This tool helps you build your landing pages with the power of artificial intelligence. This will boost your marketing content when you create videos. Then, when people click your link, they will be redirected to landing pages, which will increase your traffic.

Ceros – Easily create any digital content

This platform creates interactive content for your websites. You don’t need to know much about codes to create one. It has a wide library of interactive templates that you can choose from. You can create by importing files, publishing your work, and managing your templates.

Venngage – Create infographics in no time

If you have more data than you can chew, infographics are a great way to communicate your brand’s information across your social media channels. It’s handy and easy to use with its three suggested steps to make your infographics.

Luminar AI – Edit Photos with AI

Take your marketing content to the next level using this AI-powered photo editor and content creation platform. It is best in terms of photo effects for editing features.

SendInBlue – Create content for email marketing and other communication-type platforms

This tool has everything from email marketing to landing page sections and more when it comes to discussing digital marketing. It’s a one-stop shop to boost your marketing strategy.

Tagger Media

Tagger is an all-in-one influencer marketing platform and creator listening engine. Tagger helps you plan campaigns, understand audiences, identify and connect with influencers, and report accurate results.

Tagger tracks more than 9 billion social conversations, resulting in an incredible amount of data points that can be indexed, analyzed, and searched. As an influencer marketplace, Tager has over 6 million influencer profiles. It’s now an end-to-end suite of tools for influencer marketing, widely recognized as one of the best available.

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