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Facebook Advertising is one of the most useful forms of digital marketing. The platform has billions of active users, allowing businesses from all walks of life to reach their target audience.

Running Facebook advertising campaigns is not easy. There are many variables you need to get right to succeed. This is why companies hire Facebook experts. These Facebook experts know about Facebook marketing and how to create the best results.

In this post, I will give you a simple 10 step process that you can follow to become a Facebook Advertising Expert.

What does a Facebook Ads Expert Do?

Facebook advertising experts are responsible for creating and monitoring marketing campaigns on the Facebook advertising site. They can work for a brand or in a digital marketing agency that deals with multiple customers.

Here are some important responsibilities of a Facebook advertising expert:

  • Planning Facebook Advertising Campaigns
  • Creating a copy of the graphics and advertising
  • Analyze the performance of the campaign and make updates
  • Installing tracking pixels
  • Working with other marketers to improve landing pages
  • Being up to date with the latest Facebook advertising best practices

10 Steps to Become a Facebook Ads Expert

Get your Facebook ads skills

The first step to becoming a Facebook advertising expert is to learn Facebook advertising and develop the skills needed to fulfill the various responsibilities of the character.

Some of the important skills you need to develop are:

  • How to build a successful advertising strategy
  • Knowing what types of advertising forms to use in different situations
  • Selecting the best audience for campaigns
  • How to design advertising works that attract the attention of users
  • Use engaging content to increase your accessibility
  • How to set up a Facebook store catalog

Learn how to use Facebook business manager

The next step is to become a Facebook Business Manager Expert.

Facebook Business Manager is a site used to manage your Facebook advertising campaigns and Facebook pages. You can add multiple advertising accounts to the business manager for an organized way of managing ads for different customers.

Ad Manager is a tool in Business Manager to design your ads and create campaigns. As a Facebook advertising expert, you need to know how to add business pages and optimize them for maximum engagement. You also need to know how to control user access for different parties in the business manager.

Facebook Business Manager lets you add team members so you can collaborate on the system. Each team member should be assigned a permission level that determines what they can see and what actions they can take.

Understand how Facebook sales funnels work

Like other forms of digital marketing, sales funnels play an important role in Facebook advertising. People are unlikely to buy from your business in the first conversation. Therefore, it is important to guide them through the purchasing journey. Funnels divide users into different levels based on their current relationship with your business.

People engaging in your business for the first time are at the top of the funnel. The more people involved in your business, the more they will go down the funnel until they eventually become customers.

Learn how to configure Facebook events and custom changes

Facebook advertising professionals need to know how to set up custom events and changes to better monitor the effectiveness of their campaigns. Facebook Pixel will automatically track some important actions that users take on your site, but not all. Custom configuration is required to monitor the rest.

Below are some standard pixel events that are automatically monitored:

  • Add payment information
  • Add to the box
  • Add to wishlist
  • contact
  • Complete registration
  • Start the checkout
  • Lead the way
  • Purchase
  • Search
  • See content

To monitor activity that is not part of standard tracking events, you need to know how to create a custom event.

You can configure your custom events to automatically add users to a custom audience. However, custom events cannot be used for optimization or attribute unless the event is mapped to a custom transition.

Understand what regulars and regular viewers are

Facebook offers marketers all sorts of options for defining audiences for advertising campaigns. If you want to target your audience in more detail, you need to understand how custom it is and visual audiences work.

Read about different ad sites and Facebook ad types

Facebook Ads appear in various locations across Facebook’s web properties. When you create a campaign, you can get selected Facebook locations for you by selecting automated jobs. If you want to select your ad locations, select Edit locations on the Ads Settings page.

You can choose to enable or disable the following platforms:

  • Facebook
  • Audience Network
  • Instagram
  • Messenger

Below the operating system is a list of specific locations you can choose to enable or disable. Some options include:

  • Facebook News Feed
  • Instagram Feed
  • Instagram Stories
  • Facebook Right Column
  • Messenger Inbox

Along with placements, you also need to understand the different Facebook advertising formats.

Learn how to use the graphic design tool

Facebook advertising experts need to know how to use graphic design tools. Facebook is the hub of ads because every ad format should have a picture or video.

Graphic design tools give you the ability to quickly create attractive advertising works. The tools are easy to use because you can do without a professional designer.

You can save your images and design elements in one place. This allows you to work more efficiently as you can reuse these components as needed.

There are plenty of graphic design software options that are easy to learn. Some popular choices include:

  • Canva
  • Crello
  • Pixelated

Learn how to do competitor analysis

Analyzing the competition is a useful way to enhance the Facebook advertising campaign. You can create standalone ads by knowing what competitors are doing. You can also learn by looking at what they are most focused on. It helps customers know which areas are important to promote your campaigns to customers.

The Facebook Ad Library provides a database of all the ads that run on the Facebook ad site.

Learn how to use the Facebook Ads Reporting Tool

Facebook Advertising Reports provide you with all the information you need to track the effectiveness of your campaigns. As a Facebook advertising expert, you need to know how to analyze data so that you can see where you are succeeding and where you need to make improvements.

Here are some important metrics to keep in mind in your reports:

  • Click-Through Rate: This shows the percentage of people who click after seeing the ad.
  • Link Clicks: Measures how many times a person clicked on an ad.
  • Amount spent: Calculates the total cost of the campaign for impressions and clicks.
  • Posts: This shows how many times your ad has been viewed.
  • Reach Measures the number of people who have seen your ads.
  • CPC: Measures the average amount paid each time someone clicks on your ad.

Stay informed about updates to Facebook Ads

It is important that Facebook advertising and digital marketing are kept up to date with the latest changes throughout. Doing so will make you more familiar with current best practices and increase your ability to pursue positive results.

Facebook for Business Newsletter is the best place in the world of Facebook marketing to stay up to date with the latest changes.



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