Google Core Update

Google today releases a new comprehensive hub update called the November 2021 Core Update. This is the third core update released by Google in 2021.

Before the November Broadcore update goes live, we’ve mentioned some important things from Google’s guidelines for site owners to keep in mind. They are as follows:

  • Websites may notice drops or gains in SEO rankings after a major update.
  • “Broadcore update” indicates that Google has made some significant changes to its search algorithms and settings.
  • It should be noted that the website will not be penalized if the ranking and traffic start to decrease.
  • Site owners should not panic and focus on re-evaluating their content and other on-page elements.
  • Be sure to follow Google’s search rating guidelines.

Google November 2021 Core Update

The announcement

Google announcement was announced by Google’s Search Center Twitter account, not the Search Link account, which did all the previous announcements on major updates.

ET release began at 11 p.m.

Google has told us that the ET launch started at 11 am. Google said, “The November 2021 Core update is now outliving. Like these updates, it usually takes one to two weeks for it to come out in full.

Timing before holidays

It’s a bit shocking to see Google already release this update, and (assuming it’s a normal two-week release) may be the biggest online holiday shopping season.

Earlier Google retired before the holiday shopping season, which former Google man Matt Cutts said was Google’s gift to webmasters.

Google’s Danny Sullivan responded on Twitter at the time of this update:

I feel the anxiety that some people have about updates, especially “the sky is falling!” Tweets by people, sometimes funny GIFs, and others that are fun, but act like updates are a negative event for everyone

Later in the day, Google’s Danny Sullivan said the search company would consider timeliness for future releases like this.

But we will consider it further. The importance of any update is not to cause concern. If we can move the time to make them easier, we will look into it and keep this concept in mind.

Previous core update

The most recent previous major update was the July 2021 major update, before which it was the June 2021 major update, and that update was released slowly, but by a large margin. We received the December 2020 core update, and the December update was much larger than the May 2020 core update, and that update was bigger and broader and took two weeks to come out in full.

Before that, the major update for January 2020, we did some analysis on that update here. The previous one was the major update of September 2019. That update was vulnerable to many SEOs and webmasters. Many have said that it did not have as big an impact as previous major updates. Google released an update in November, but it was mentioned in the local rankings.

What to do if you are hit

Google has provided advice on what to consider if you have been negatively affected by a major update in the past. There are no specific steps to recover a negative ranking that may not indicate that there is anything wrong with your pages.

However, Google has provided a list of questions to consider if your site is affected by a major update. Google said you can see a recovery between major updates, but the biggest change you will see will be after another major update.

Why we care

Whenever Google updates its search ranking algorithms, it means that your site can do better or worse in search results. Knowing when Google makes these updates gives us something to point out, to understand if you’ve changed anything on your website or if Google has changed anything by its ranking algorithm. Today, we know that Google will release a major ranking update, so keep track of your analysis and rankings over the next two weeks.

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