Youtube Shorts

If you have access to YouTube and can log into the platform with your Google account, you can easily make good money online. However, there are certain terms and conditions of the tech giant Google that you need to comply with in order to lock your wallet.

The following sections explain some of the practical ways to earn money from Google and YouTube and how YouTube shorts contribute to the process.

How to Make Money on YouTube Shorts?

The good news is that you don’t just have to depend on YouTube Shorts to generate income from the Internet. In fact, there are many ways that this can help you. Here are some practical ways that you can earn with YouTube and Google:

YouTube Shorts Fund

The YouTube Shorts Fund is a $100 million fund that will be distributed from 2021 to 2022. It was launched in May 2021 as the first step toward monetizing YouTube Shorts. Creators of YouTube Shorts who meet the fund’s requirements will receive a bonus.

Revenue by Advertisement

With this method, you can display ads on your regular YouTube videos. These ads help generate streaming media revenue, a portion of which is shared with you. On a broader spectrum, the more videos you have on your YouTube channel, the more money you make.

Channel Membership

If you prepare engaging videos that are liked by the majority of users, you can set up your channel for paid members who can get attractive offers.

Merch Shelf

In this way, you can sell your (or other) branded products to potential customers for monetary gains.


If you are good at speaking and can motivate people, becoming an influencer is another way you can earn good amount from YouTube. When you become an influencer, you can connect with many companies and organizations to promote their products and services and get paid.

Super Chat and Super Stickers

If you have a good fan base, you can highlight their messages and chat and charge them for this.

YouTube Premium

You can prepare some engaging and informative videos that are exclusively available for YouTube Premium members. Since these subscribers have purchased a YouTube Premium membership, the streaming platform shares the profits from such users with you.

The approaches discussed above will help you earn money through YouTube. Now that YouTube has announced a plan to monetize YouTube Shorts, we can expect YouTube Shorts monetization in the near future. You can publish your YouTube shorts video to your channel and shorts shelf.

YouTube recommends these clips to others with similar interests (depending on the keywords you include in the description). When such users watch your short videos, there are chances that they will subscribe to your YouTube channel and watch regular videos that you have already posted, so that you can earn money using any of the methods listed above.

Why did People See Less Revenue Than Regular YouTube Video?

When you start posting short videos on your YouTube channel, the views those clips receive will affect your channel’s total view count and playback duration. While this helps you meet the minimum threshold for monetization services offered by the platform, you may see some depreciation in revenue generation over time since short videos cannot be monetized.


As YouTube Shorts is still in beta at the time of this writing, short videos do not directly contribute to the monetization process. However, as mentioned earlier, every time your short clips are viewed, your channel’s analytics will be affected by view count and playback time.

Also, with interesting short videos, your channel is likely to get more subscribers and consequently reach the minimum threshold to qualify and apply for YouTube’s partnership program.

Although revenue may seem skewed in contrast to the number of views and playtime of videos, an increase in the number of subscribers and paying members (if your channel allows them) can significantly increase your revenue.

And the most optimistic part is, Google is still working on and exploring YouTube Shorts. With that, the chances are, even the short videos could be monetized in the future.



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