Choosing a career path is a difficult process. You need to find something you like when factoring in things like long-term sustainability and supporting the overall lifestyle you want.

A career in digital marketing isn’t the dream job most people aspire to while in school. But when you consider the opportunities in this dynamic field, you will see that the digital marketing career outlook is positive and will continue to be so.

The Digital Marketing Job Role Is Constantly Evolving

One of the reasons why the digital marketing career is so exciting is that the field is constantly evolving as different platforms are introduced. A digital marketing manager is always spotting trends and seeing how they affect visibility.

Creating a digital marketing experience encompasses every aspect of the brand online. As search engines release new updates, digital marketing managers determine how they affect website rankings. From there, the entire marketing team works together to develop a strategy.

Why Digital Marketing Job Roles Are the Future?

While traditional marketing still has its place in the world, digital marketing is gaining ground thanks to affordability and analytics.

Marketing managers can now see exactly where people are coming from, what they’re doing on the website, and which tactics are generating the highest ROI. This data-driven approach makes it easier for professionals to prove their worth, and for leaders to see which strategies are most effective. Successes to be replicated over again, eliminating the guesswork for future campaigns.

What Is the Demand for Digital Marketers?

According to LinkedIn, the “digital marketing specialist” role is one of the top 10 most in-demand jobs, with 860,000 job openings. The most sought-after experience in digital marketing includes social media, content strategy, SEO, analytics, and more.

As digital marketing strategy has many aspects, the number of related jobs is very high. Indeed, the industry is facing a crisis – the digital skills gap. A LinkedIn survey found a shortage of about 230,000 digital marketing professionals in major US metro areas. With so many jobs and not enough professionals to fill them, now is the perfect time to start digital marketing.

How to Get Started With a Digital Marketing Role

When you start digital marketing, it’s important to understand the industry’s key niches. There are many digital marketing jobs to consider, each with its own set of skills.

Email Marketing

Email marketing seems pretty self-explanatory – you send emails to targeted lists. But targeting requires special skills.

Marketing emails are sent to lists of customers and opportunities to promote business and create awareness of products and services.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

No matter what your experience is, search engine optimization can play a significant role in digital marketing. It is the backbone of every piece of written content as all content has a discovery goal.


As you gain experience in digital marketing, you will realize just how involved the writing process is. Copywriters create a wide range of content, including tags, product descriptions, emails, advertisements, and more. They also create non-digital content such as direct mail and video scripts.

Content Writing

At first glance, content writing and copywriting may seem like the same digital marketing role, but when you start doing digital marketing, you’ll see that they have two distinct jobs.

Social Media Marketing

It’s no secret that social media marketing is a huge part of digital marketing. Social media managers promote brands on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn and other networks.


The advertising industry has changed significantly over the past few decades, with digital advertising dominating digital marketing.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search engine marketing is often confused with search engine optimization, but the main difference is that SEM involves paid tactics. SEM managers analyze keyword trends to see what people are searching for and determine the appropriate amount to bid on such terms so that company pages appear in search results. It’s a blend of SEO and advertising that helps draw traffic to the website.




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