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YouTube is the most promising social media platform that came into the picture fifteen years ago. In the year 2007, YouTube also welcomed advertisers. The intensity of advertisements that play on the videos or the YouTube platform is ten times more than the videos themselves. The business is growing, and so is the competition. Therefore showing ads in a three-minute video is mandatory. There are five types of YouTube ads available that you must know about. It helps both the advertisers and creators to earn income from the platform. 

Types Of YouTube Ads

In-Stream Skippable Ads

You will see this type of ad either at the start or end of the video. The ads play for at least five seconds, and then the viewer can watch the ad or skip it. The video ad to display on this platform has to be 12 seconds to three minutes. You will get charged for the ad if a viewer watches the video for thirty seconds. This minute of the ad also shows a banner ad at the bottom or top right of the screen.

Even if you watch the video, you can still see the banner ad staying in place. This format is acceptable for a win-win situation with a better audience view. It can benefit audiences who easily skip the ad and advertisers who will get paid for 30 seconds of ad play. 

In-Stream Non-Skippable Ads

This kind of ad plays before or even during the video, and the main difference is that you cannot skip this ad. When a brand wants to raise awareness about something, they prefer to choose non-skippable ads.

The advertisers are charged as per impression, i.e., as per 1000 views. It makes a huge difference for the brands that want to bring change to society. It is user-friendly, and the viewer gets the message that creates an interest in them. This type of ad is cheaper and helps you earn loyal customers who genuinely show interest in watching the ad. It drives more impressions and even gives tons of views.

It focuses on mobile and desktop users, offers a completion rate of high views, and even buys CPM based on impressions. You can have more control and reach a wider audience with brand awareness. You can tell your brand story with the full brand message. It is good for brand exposure. 

Bumper Ads

These are six-second non-Skippable video ads that play just before the video starts. It is the best ad for someone who wants to deliver short messages and helps increase awareness but does not need a total production story ad that goes for the minute-long ad.

These ads are best for awareness effort, which promotes any event or even drives lasting impact with a too-short time for ads. There were almost 300 Ads on the bumper, which created the best ad lift recall. Short-span ads have more impact on the minds of viewers. They run as a standalone campaign of the ad. But if you run them in combination, you will understand its effectiveness.

If anyone views the ad for six seconds while watching a video, the search engine will consider it a bumper ad, thereby helping in increasing frequency. You can even set up your ad as a bumper in Google ads. It has a significant effect, and the pricing model depends on the bidding process. It also depends on competitiveness and targeting and even sets maximum CPM on a daily budget. 

Discovery Ads

These are more like the search ads of Google; they appear among the search results and are available in a semi-organic manner. These ads will help you get YouTube references on search engine pages. In these ads, a box will appear with a title called ‘ad,’ and the users will come to know that this is a paid ad result. This ad comes with a thumbnail image and has three lines.

One can see these ads on the search engine pages and even on the pages where one watches the video. The YouTube homepage has given a great deal of visibility to these ads. As you open the YouTube platform, you can watch this type of ad as one of the YouTube Ads, as it is quite a popular one.

Non-Video Ads

If you do not want to spend too much on video ads, you can opt for a display ad. It appears on the right side while the video plays. This ad focuses mainly on images and even has text on the image, plus there will be a button so that anyone can redirect to your website. It can serve as a banner with ad overlay and pops up when the video becomes monetized and charges money based on cost per click. On YouTube, non-video ads also play an essential role in letting everyone know your business correctly. 

How YouTube Helps Business Owners

People mostly spend time on YouTube to gain knowledge or watch entertainment videos. It is a hub of informative entertainment platforms where all business owners want to show their relevant ads to the viewers. It makes life simple for the viewers to know about different brands and gives you a better way to earn money and recognition.

Hence, these ads create a significant impact in the business world. Even creators can earn money with views and ads playing in the video. Hence, these video ads for YouTube are fantastic things that help businesses grow


Marketers use this platform for branding purposes, and it helps build preferences, awareness, and consideration. YouTube has a strong impact that helps businesses grow in the long run. Now that you have come to know all the types of ads apt for YouTube, you can opt for the best ads on the YouTube platform and help your business to shine. It gives you a better opportunity to get followers and grow your business. Therefore, you can make the right decision that will help your business grow without much effort, and you can utilize YouTube ads for your good.



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