YouTube Features

Over the past 17 years, YouTube has continued to add new features to help its users gain more subscribers and enhance its user experience.

Top 8 YouTube Features to Help Get More Subscribers

Create relevant playlists that will attract visitors and encourage them to subscribe to your channel

Do not underestimate the power of the playlists you create on your YouTube channel. People think playlists are helpful, and help viewers understand the logical order in which they watch your videos.

Custom playlists are a collection of videos related to a topic or theme. When a viewer finishes watching a video in your playlist, YouTube automatically starts to play the next video in the sequence.

Make the Most of Your End Screen

Google has a sleek feature with the final screen for videos. These can be used to promote other videos and link to them directly. So, for example, if someone came to your final screen, they might have enjoyed the video they just watched. So, it may be easier for them to click on your other video or the video that completes it on that topic.

Use a Brand Watermark

You can add brand watermarks to your YouTube videos. Then, if someone clicks on your watermark, YouTube encourages viewers to subscribe to your channel.

However, you do not want your brand watermark to overwhelm your video. Therefore, YouTube recommends using transparent backgrounds rather than solid backgrounds.

Upload a Feature Video with Impact

You may notice that there is a feature in many channels – the video that runs automatically when someone opens the channel. You can use this to welcome viewers and suggest that they subscribe to your channel. You can set different videos for new viewers and subscribers, so you do not have to worry about annoying existing viewers by instructing them to subscribe.

Make the Most of YouTube Studio

YouTube has created a collection of tools that creators can use to create high-quality, entertaining videos and find all the essential information about how the videos you upload work with their audience. Every YouTube filmmaker has access to a YouTube studio. Manage your presence, grow your channel, interact with your audience, and make money all in one place.

Split Your Homepage into Relevant Sections

Not only do you divide your content into playlists, but you can also place the most relevant ones on your homepage. YouTube makes it easy to customize your channel layout the way you want it. You can add up to 12 sections on your homepage. However, your setting will be the default for displaying four pre-demographic segments: Short videos, Uploads, Created playlists, and Subscriptions you’ve made public.

Include Links in Your Video Descriptions

Unlike Instagram, TikTok, and some social networks, you can add links to your video descriptions on YouTube. This can be very easy if you have a blog that you want to highlight in your YouTube videos or if you are involved in affiliate marketing and have a website for this. You help your visitors by adding links and suggesting sites where they can go for more information. 

Use a Card to Encourage People to Subscribe to Your Channel

Many people accidentally find your videos on YouTube. They often appear in their review tab or come as a suggested video at the end of another video. We hope people watch and enjoy your video and then follow one of your videos. However, unless you seriously recommend it, they will not think about subscribing to your channel and gaining greater visibility of your future videos.

Links in Video Descriptions

When you write a few blogs, the odds are, that you will get multiple views from some visitors because they link to pages on your site or other blog posts. This is no different from the YouTube descriptions that appear under your video.

Featured Video or Playlist Autoplay

On your main YouTube channel, you can place a video or playlist that welcomes new subscribers or welcomes plot viewers to subscribe to your channel. At this point, YouTube allows you to set a different video for new viewers and subscribers.

Cards (Formerly Video Annotations)

For almost a decade, YouTube has allowed users to post links to other videos or authorized websites in one video. Formerly known as “Annotations”, this feature was upgraded to a mobile experience and in 2017 was renamed “Cards”. The card creator for each video can be found in the YouTube studio.



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