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Considering its visual nature and highly engaged users, it is not surprising that Instagram affects buying results. Instagram helps 80% of consumers decide whether or not to buy something. And 46% bought after seeing a product or service on Instagram.

While these numbers speak volumes, it does not automatically guarantee that you will get sales from Instagram. You need to be truly strategic about the content you are sharing and how you are sharing it. Here are 14 Instagram photo ideas to help boost sales this summer.

Top 14 Instagram Photo Ideas to Drive Sales This Summer

Close-Up Product Photos

To highlight the craftsmanship and best quality of your product, share photos that magnify its best details. This is a great way to show your audience that your products can withstand scrutiny and that they are just as beautiful as when viewed from a distance.

Photos Showing Your Product in Action

Buying photos that show your product being used in real life is another great way to get rid of worries. This proves to customers that your product looks just as good in real life as it does in your product photos.

Before and After Photos

For some types of products, front and back photos are the best way to reveal potential results. It is very useful for skincare products, hair care products, cleansers, and other products that can change the physical appearance of something.

Photos with Text Overlay Highlighting Top Features/Ingredients

Sometimes photos alone are not enough to share your whole message. They may not be able to properly highlight the products you use or the best features of your products. This is especially true if your product packaging does not specify those details immediately.

Photos with Fun and Creative Graphics

Alternatively, you can turn regular photos into something unique and eye-catching using fun and creative graphics. Graphics can be used to highlight some key features of the product. It also acts as a decorative element to pop the photo.

Memes Specific to Your Brand/Industry

Memes (social media) shake the world. If you want to reach Instagram visitors and memes are associated with your brand personality, you can’t help but use them. Create original and fun memes that resonate with your target audience.

Photos of Your Products Being Made

Another great way to gain the trust of your audience is to share photos of your products. For example, you can share a photo of woven textiles, raw materials, bottled goods, sewn bags, etc.

Carousels of Products in Different Angles

For those who use Instagram to research products, it should be a digital storefront where potential customers can see your product better. That means you have to use the visual nature of the stage to guide your audience to the view.

Photos that Evoke a Certain Mood

Your Instagram photos can bring your customers into the mood to buy your product. This “mood” can be anything from excitement to relaxation – anything that draws people closer to buying.

Customer Spotlight Photos

Photos of real people with your products can be very useful in building confidence in your target audience, especially when it comes to clothing. By looking at people who make your products look like them, you can convince customers that your clothes will look good on them too.

Photos from Influential Content Creators

Alternatively, you can use photos of relevant and influential content creators using your products. Because these creators have a consistent presence in your industry, if they promise your brand, many of their fans will be able to buy your products.

Photos Featuring Complementary Products Together

This can include combining a dress from your wardrobe or creating a cosmetic look using complementary materials. Or it may include a set of products that need to be used one after the other to get the best results.

Carousels of Products in a Specific Collection

Another great way to use carousel posts is to share photos of multiple products from a particular gallery. Ideal for teasing an upcoming release, these photos will help you look closely at the various items that visitors can expect in your product collection.

Photos with Strategic Use of Color

Colors, when used strategically, can create visually appealing images that attract people to buy an item. 75% of the immediate judgments people make about consumer products are based on color. So it is important to carefully plan your photos to visualize your products with backgrounds and elements that complement the colors of the products.



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