Social Media Marketing tools

Social media marketing (SMM) is a form of internet marketing that incorporates several techniques that use social networks as a platform to reach targeted customers by spreading brand awareness through social media campaigns. Social media sites like Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram offer numerous opportunities to spread brand awareness or promote specific products through various types of social media marketing campaigns. These social networking websites are supported by some social media marketing tools that help track the results and change the social media marketing strategies accordingly, thus establishing a strong social media presence.

The top 20 Social Media Marketing tools


Buffer is the most widely used software application that allows you to plan posts on 3 major social media sites. Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

This tool primarily allows you to manage multiple social media accounts simultaneously, planning content from anywhere on the Internet in a short period.


Launched in 2008, Hootsuite is a comprehensive social media publishing tool.

Hootsuite lets you receive free reports via email, send messages from a single site, streamline posts and plan tweets.

Facebook Power Editor

The built-in Facebook tool, Facebook Power Editor, is useful for anyone running more than one Facebook ad campaign. It is used to create a target audience and is considered an excellent tool to create images for your campaign.

This tool acts as an adware editor and facilitates Facebook advertising campaigns.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics, one of the most widely used web statistics services, although the basic version is free, there is a premium for a certain fee.


Bitly is a tool for compressing URLs.

This tool is widely used mainly in the fields of social networking, email, SMS, etc. Moreover, this tool comes to the rescue of companies who want to speed up their brand awareness and monitor marketing metrics.

Social reference

Social Mention, one of the most popular social media marketing tools, helps the user to identify and measure the performance of a company, product, etc.

Social Mention is a free tool that analyzes data in detail and divides it into 4 categories. Strength, passion, passion, and achievement.


This tool is the Social Media Management Dashboard, which is used for the entire administration of Twitter, which is one of the most used social media sites.

TweetDeck is a completely useful tool for planning and tracking tweets.


Shortstack is a campaign-generating tool used specifically for Facebook.

This tool readily helps to generate leads by running a promotional contest, thus helping in increasing revenue.


SocialOomph is a social media marketing tool that lets you receive Twitter keyword alerts via email.

A time-saving tool, SocialOomph helps speed up traffic and increase cash flow.


It is a very simple tool that allows the user to evaluate the social media presence of his company and competitor.

A notable feature of this tool that sets it apart from other social media marketing tools is that it displays scores for various social media sites, thus allowing the user to focus on social media sites that need further development.

This tool is an online contact building form that adds contact forms to Facebook pages. lets the user create leads and make end-to-end engagement. is a social media marketing tool that allows the user to see what is being said about the company.

These tools help you analyze your online presence and respond quickly.


Topsy is a social media analytics monitoring tool.

This tool allows the user to search for tweets by time and place and to analyze the feelings of each tweet.

Just unfollow

Just Unfollow is an interesting social media marketing tool that helps users find and find Twitter and Instagram followers.

This tool will be useful for users who want to get and expand their network on Twitter and Instagram by following the right people.


The Canva tool is for creating simple designs, especially Facebook cover pages.

Primarily, this tool is used to create designs. Facebook cards, posters, blog graphics, presentations, flyers, etc.

Tweet Archivist

This awesome tool lets you save tweets before they disappear.

Once the user activates Tweet Archivist, tweets are guaranteed not to be missed.


This site enables the user to keep track of conversations around the social web world.

Radian6 is a site that allows users to get results from more than 150 million sites and other sources. Such as blogs, forums, photos, and video sharing sites.

Advanced Twitter search

Advanced Twitter Search is a built-in Twitter tool.

It is a very useful tool that helps you to find the latest news and events happening all over the world at a fast pace.


Pagemodo is a social media marketing tool designed to promote and promote Facebook applications.

This tool simplifies the social media marketing process, enabling the user to design ads to gain and engage more customers across social channels.


Followerwonk is a social media marketing tool that helps you find influencers on Twitter.

As a very useful resource, Followerwonk is used by thousands of people and organizations for social analysis. Twitter analysis, social map tracking, and segmentation of followers.




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