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Whether you are into fashion, home decor, sports equipment, or anything in between, Instagram is likely to be one of the most important social media sites for your business by 2021.
Statistics reveal that at least 50% of Instagram users follow at least one business, and the site helps determine if most of them will buy a product or service. Take a look at some examples and learn how to get Instagram cries for your own page or brand.

What is Shoutout on Instagram?

Instagram Shoutout, also known as Instagram Shoutout or IG Shoutout, is when a user promotes another user on his or her own Instagram account.
Instagram Shoutout usually takes the form of user A creating a post or story, which includes a photo or reference to user B.
If this is a business call, User A’s post may contain a photo or video of a specific product or service that User B sells.
In many cases, the screams fall under the umbrella of Influencer Marketing – a huge trend that has doubled in the last two years and is showing no signs of stopping at any time.
Instagram Shoutout Examples
Let’s look at some examples of successful Instagram screams.

Shoutout post with product photo

In this Instagram shoutout example, Carl Thompson of menswear brand Hawkins and Shepherd (@hawkinsandshepherd) gives some love to the Chelsea launch presented by ECCO Shoes.
You can see that the purpose of this blog is to sell some shoes because Carlin is going to his blog to learn more about CTA.

Shoutout post without product photo

Since Instagram is a visual platform, photos are recommended to show off your offers. But for your IG screams to be successful you do not have to have a photo-based post.
In this shoutout, traveler Angela Liggs (@angelaliggs) used a photo of her Patagonia voyage as the background to the headline-based shoutout for the Safedome Bluetooth tracker.

Shoutout post for more followers

In addition to promoting a brand that sells products or services, gaining Instagram followers is another popular app for screaming.
It is very popular for some important places like photography.
Canon (@canonusa) is a good example of this. Photographers using a Canon camera can add the hashtag #MyCanonStory to the title of their post.

How To Shoutout In Instagram Story

The great thing about Instagram – especially stories – is that there are a lot of ways for you and your partners to get creative in your approach.
Choosing the best story style makes it very difficult to know your audience and what they are most interested in seeing.
If you do not know Instagram stories, here is a quick update:
• They can be photos or videos with a maximum of 15 seconds
• Users have the option to overlay text and graphics, as well as notes for clickable hashtags and other accounts
• They last for 24 hours, after which they disappear permanently into the ether

Tips for Getting Instagram Shoutout

While there is no perfect way to get an Instagram shoutout, there are some guidelines and best practices that can increase your chances of getting some action.
And there are definitely some things you should not do.
Let’s take a look at some tips to get the Instagram workouts that actually work.

1. Be Picky about who you choose

A lot of mistakes can happen when you do not check your options carefully.
For example, if you sell gardening tools, you are not going to succeed in trying to get a fruitful shoutout from high fashion Instagram.

2. Build them before making relationships

Before you ask a stranger to guarantee your honesty, taste it truly.
Once you have determined that a person or brand is a good candidate, follow their account. If they have other social media accounts like Facebook or Twitter, follow them too. Subscribe to their blog if you have any.

3. Start the conversation with a thoughtful message or email

When looking for awesome Instagram Shoutout partners, ask “S4S?” You can find posts full of spam comments.
When it comes time to really reach out to your prospects, do it via Instagram direct message or email (if they provide one of their profile information).


Do Shoutouts work on Instagram?

Instagram screams are an easy and effective way to increase your Instagram followers. They will help you reach related visitors and get more followers and engagement for your Instagram page.

Are Instagram shoutouts free?

Another type of screaming help for promotion on Instagram is unpaid or free screaming. It’s free and can usually be a great shout out from someone who is happy with your service, product or account.



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