The Untold Story of the Legendary Sri Ramoji Rao

Cherukuri Ramoji Rao was born on November 16, 1936, to Shri Cherukuri Venkata Subamma and Cherukuri Venkata Subbaiah in the regions of Pedaparupudi village in Krishna District, Andhrapradesh. He shared his amazing childhood with his two sisters Ranganayakamma and Rajyalakshmi. He belongs to the family of a proud farmer and, hence gained the knowledge of agriculture from the deep roots of his family and village. During his childhood, he was very accentuated to learn new things, do something creative and work for the welfare of farmers. The first glimpse of this famous personality is so pleasant and calm in white safari and white shoes, simple and sophisticated personality.

After his education in literature, he became a successful Businessman and media entrepreneur and got married to Rama Devi. His two sons, Suman Prabhakar and Kiran Prabhakar, took up the work of his range of businesses.

No matter how many hurdles hit his way, he stood brave-hearted and became a powerful Business Tycoon, journalist, film producer, media entrepreneur and a great human being serving thousands of people. Ramoji Rao Garu is a recipient of Four Filmfare awards in the South and National Film Award for his incredible work in the Telugu film Industry. He was honored with the Padma Vibhushan with great respect for the dedicated work he did in journalism and literature.

The journey of Ramoji Rao Garu is incredible and inspirational to millions of people throughout the country. The famous personality is the chairman of the world’s largest film studio “Ramoji Film City” which started in 1996 which is the livelihood of many employees and a place of entertainment for thousands of people across the world.

Being the owner of RFC, Ramoji Rao also attained a remarkable position in the hearts of Telugu audience with his powerful movies portraying women’s rights, justice for equality and many other human welfare movies. Ramoji Rao has a unique style of selecting the scripts for movies and bringing it to the audience.

E TV channel is a milestone in his incredible journey. Being the owner of Ramoji Film City, Ramoji Rao owns other companies and brought it to the level of excellence with his incredible efforts. He started a group of  12 channels under the E TV network channel in 1995 telecasting information with entertainment sourcing in different languages. E Tv channel is one of the popular channels in telecasting daily tv series, tv shows in TeluguHindiBanglaMarathiKannadaOriyaGujarati and Urdu entertaining audience in other states of the country. The channel started telecasting a morning show named Annadata portraying the life of farmers, methods of cultivation of different fields. This was the first TV show that started in the welfare of farmers and ranked the highest TRP during the time. E TV channel still is the best producing popular shows Dhee, Jabardast, Abhiruchi, and others.

Eenadu, that changed the journey of news and media in the South since its emergence in 1974. It is the first newspaper to exhibit the district edition news along with the national news to the Telugu people. Eenadu still is the best newspaper to give strong information on national and district happenings. This is the first newspaper to cover all the important news throughout the country like sports, movie reviews, Business, carriers, political news and current affairs of the city. Eenadu is the best newspaper till today fetching the best information to the readers.

To him personally, the greatest achievement in his professional career was when he launched ‘Annadata’ magazine, the first one probably in India, which includes the articles, news about the farmers, their work and development. Raised in an agriculture family, he always wanted to work for the welfare of the farmers and hence this is very close to his heart. Later, he also started the Annadata Tv show in E TV channel telecasting exclusively the methods of agriculture, technologies, and agriculture education.

Priya Foods started in 1980 to introduce the taste of pickles, savories, condiments, edible oils, and other confectionery to the people every time with the same tangy taste of pickles throughout the year. He is also the owner of the Dolphin group of hotels founded 25 years ago operates all the hospitality requirements in Ramoji Film City and in Visakhapatnam.

Ramoji Rao’s ideology and his persistent knowledge of Cinema and Journalism made him start Ushakiran Movies in which he produced content-driven movies with powerful scripts focusing on social issues and biopics of Mayuri, Ashwini. On the other side, the banner also produced great entertainment movies attracting youth audience.

Margadarshi is a chit fund distribution company that started in 1974 by Ramoji Rao Garu in 1962 gathering 3,60,000 members benefiting many people in Andhrapradesh. The company faced many controversies claiming Ramoji Rao denied paying taxes to the Government defying the law after collecting funds from the public and investors. This shook him in Business, but his brave heart with never give up attitude fought back and stood firm in the business stated in the article published in Eenadu.

Ramoji Rao is also the founder of the famous school in the name of his wife ‘Rama Devi Public School’ in 2002 near the first gate of Ramoji Film City in Hayathnagar. RPS is provided with the best faculty and education development programs conducting every year. Ramoji Rao Garu started his own film distribution company Mayuri Film Distributors involved in the distribution of films after production and has been doing the same in their very own banner. He introduced ‘Sitara’ magazine for reviewing Telugu movies, people of the 90s used to wait for the weekly Sitara magazine.

No matter how controversies try to scorn him, Ramoji Rao fought back with a brave heart and dedication. His contribution and efforts to develop his companies at the age of 83 is remarkable and cannot deny the fact that he is a great human and livelihood for his millions of employees and a great businessman for the fraternity. His discipline and work ethics sail the ship of his group of businesses effortlessly.

Important Facts about Ramoji Rao 

  • Name: Cherukuri Ramoji Rao
  • Date of Birth: November 16, 1936
  • Birth Place: Pedaparupudi, Krishna District
  • Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
  • Awards: Filmfare Awards, National Film Award, Padma Vibhushan
  • Parents: Venkata Subbamma and Cherukuri Venkata Subbaiah
  • Siblings: Rajyalakshmi and Ranganayakamma
  • Spouse: Rama Devi
  • Children: Suman Prabhakar and Kiran Prabhakar
  • Favourite sport: Cricket

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