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The way we tell the story has evolved greatly over time. We are constantly finding new ways to preserve and share our stories: from paintings on cave walls to oral passages from generation to generation and songs to modern methods such as newspapers, books, audio, and video recordings.

The Internet is a new place to tell stories. Like any other medium, storytelling online is a very powerful tool for communicating your message. Online storytelling helps to engage and captivate our website visitors.

We will see how you can get the most out of online storytelling by discussing common ways of storytelling on the internet and some examples of good online storytelling.

Storytelling Through Text

While modern web technologies allow for a wide variety of content presentations, the text is still one of the most common ways of telling stories on the Internet.

Text content can be very useful, sometimes meaningful or practical. Written stories (such as blog posts, articles, articles, and e-books) are generally easier to prepare than other methods such as video and audio.

Campaign Monitor‘s “Our Story”

Campaign Monitor knows how to use storytelling on their website. On their “Our Story” page, you can learn about the company’s history, motivation and vision.

The story begins with the basic facts about the company, followed by a catchy photo of the group and a personal quote about the company’s goal. The tone of voice is normal and direct. If you’re bored, there are more group pictures to see you “behind the scenes” and keep you engaged.


Goruck manufactures and sells high-quality backpacks.

Goruck’s founder, Jason McCarthy, tells stories about why and how their bags were created to appreciate the work and thinking of potential customers in the design and production of the company’s products.

Storytelling Through Visuals

Still, pictures can tell the story. The proverb is that a picture is worth a thousand words.

Visuals are very good at expressing a story because our brain can process them 60,000 times faster than text.

You can write a lot of texts to explain how your product works, how it makes people feel, and where they can use it. Or show a couple of pictures of real people using your product.


People like the idea of ​​interacting with real people. That’s what Testflight can do with their footage. For some of their key contents, Testflight uses blueprint-style sketches for images. Somehow you feel like you are in a room with them, and a minute ago they created these sketches to gradually talk to you about their work.


Airbnb’s site welcomes you with great and beautiful background images; Every travel destination you choose is different. These background images give a better feeling about the unique places, stimulate your emotions and give the foot itching to travel.

Airbnb tells different stories from around the world and invites you to be a part of these stories.


Background images also serve as a metaphor for explaining concise ideas and capturing the attention of your audience.

The StumbleUpon homepage is very simple: it has a simple title, a few lines of text, a call to action that calls you to “start exploring”, and a large background image.

Web Designers vs. Web Developers Infographic

Here is a chart of six edits that tell the story of web design and web development through infographics. The story satirically depicts people who are part of the web design and web development industry.

Storytelling Through Animated Interaction

One aspect of good storytelling is entertainment. If people enjoy it, they are more likely to hear your story.

Good stories are fun, scary, captivating, and so on. They attract our emotions.

One technique for animating your content is to use parallax scrolling. Parallax scrolling is a relatively new technique in web design that has the potential to enhance your overall user experience. It provides the best setting to tell your story engagingly and interactively. Let your audience take control and let your story happen at their own pace. Different layers that respond differently to your audience’s scrolling behavior create a deeper feel and allow for multiple storylines.

Google’s “The Story of send”

The animated story of what happens whenever you send an email is entertaining. Because their animated story is fascinating, Google can inform and connect with their audience very successfully.

Peugeot’s “The Hybrid Graphic Novel”

Peugeot is the best example of storytelling with parallax scrolling for their new hybrid 4 technology. This is a graphic novel that progresses as you scroll down the page. You will be inspired by the story of a hero who is about to “capture confidential data and embark on a challenging mission to get out safely.”


On the TEDxGUC website, parallax scrolling is used on the homepage to welcome you through the “TED Tale”. As you scroll down the page, you will learn all about the story behind TED. How it was founded is based on the idea that small ideas can change the world if they meet the right people and when they come together.

Storytelling through videos

Almost all videos have some kind of story. Video allows both motion picture and sound, basically all the technical features make it an excellent platform for an impressive story.

Did you know that when a video is on the web, site visitors stay 100% longer?

Also, site visitors are 85% more likely to purchase an item after watching the product video.

Some numbers show how good the platform video is for your stories.


Shows an example of good storytelling by Wistia Video, a video hosting service.

There are three videos on their homepage that you can watch individually depending on the topic you want. In each video, different people from the group speak to you in each chapter of their story.


Droplet, a mobile money app, uses video to tell a story.

This video takes you on a journey through the city of London. It shows why the application is needed and how the application solves the existing problem. They do it by storytelling.

Storytelling Through Audio

Auditory storytelling is the oldest form of storytelling. For example, songs were easy to remember and pass down from generation to generation.

Most songs today still tell a story of something.

On your website, you can use audio in a variety of ways. Keep in mind that not all people appreciate it, so be careful in its implementation.

Dumb Ways To Die

The Dumb Ways to Die website is a public service announcement campaign for metro trains in Australia to improve train safety. The campaign went viral in 2012.

The story is about various dumb ways of dying, including accidents on and around the train tracks. The campaign turns a serious topic into a story that engages people more, in the hope that their message will be better learned and disseminated.

Storytelling through social media

Social media has become very popular in recent years. Why? Because they allow people and companies to connect. Social media helps to exchange ideas, ideas, and content.

Above all, social media allows our users to create their own stories, share them, follow others, and collaborate in creating common stories.

For companies, social media can be a great place to tell stories. This form of storytelling is interactive and the stories develop around a community.


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