Pinterest Advertising Services

Get an amazing opportunity to connect with leads interested in your business by Pinterest ads.

Pinterest has 200+ million monthly active users between the ages of 18 and 60, and of these users, the highest number is likely to make e-commerce purchases.

Compared to users on other social media platforms, Pinterest users are 10% more likely to purchase from any e-commerce website. Also, partnering with a professional Pinterest ads agency can help your brand maximize its results.

Pinterest Advertising Campaign For Your Business

Drive Traffic

Pinterest is a great tool to increase links back to your website, that is, to drive more traffic as it is more effective at driving traffic back to a website than other social media platforms.

Better Conversion

Pinterest users are more likely to purchase or make a purchase from the website they visit compared to other social media user who visits a site.

Social Integration

Plus, Pinterest plays well with other social media platforms you already use. Therefore, it allows you to push pins to Twitter and Facebook to drive engagement and gain more followers.

Keeps updated with Trends

Pinterest provides powerful signals for emerging trends and popular products in a given industry such as fashion, home, garden, food, and beauty niches.

Our Pinterest Ads Management Services

Pinterest Brand Awareness Ads

Being one of the best Pinterest ads agencies, we provide some effective marketing solutions for brand awareness campaigns and product launches. And these brand awareness advertising campaigns help get your message in front of the right people influencing them to make confident decisions by helping them discover your brand, products, or other services.

Pinterest Traffic Ads

This ad type is best when the goal is to drive traffic to a specific website, landing page, blog post, or the product page. Also, in traffic campaigns, the advertiser pays only if someone clicks on their site. So, increase your website traffic with an unparalleled Pinterest ads traffic ad campaign created by our experts.

Pinterest App Install Ads

This is a type of advertising campaign used when someone is trying to sell a mobile game or application. By choosing this ad type, the advertiser gets users to click on the app or Play Store. So, improve visits to your app download page or increase your app installs with highly effective Pinterest app install ads.

Pinterest Video Views Ads

This type of advertising is generally effective in generating as many views as possible on your shared video post. However, the goal is to make users aware of your brand. With our Pinterest ads services, you can improve the quality of views, average watch times, and completion rates for people who are likely to see your video.

Pinterest Sales Ads

Another type of Pinterest ads is through these sales ad campaigns, where you want your users to see your ad. So, sales ad campaigns help drive checkout, sign-up, lead, or add-to-cart events on your website. However, at TIS, we optimize your costs accordingly.

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