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Mobile Marketing Strategies & Tools You Must Know in 2024

Mobile devices are now ubiquitous and visible in nearly everyone’s hands. Approximately 83% of the global population owns mobile phones. So, due to this exact reason, the term mobile marketing has become an essential part of marketing industries. Most of the website traffic comes from mobile. Therefore, the mobile market has become a significant component of marketing platforms.

What Is Mobile Marketing?

Mobile marketing is a process involving mobiles to promote and advertise your products and services to potential customers. These devices include smartphones and tablets as well. Due to the advancement of mobile devices, it has all the necessary features a computer holds and the only difference is the size since users carry it on 24/7 with them making it easier for marketers to take advantage of this. Mobile marketing uses mobile to influence the target audiences through unique features such as location services, notifications, apps ( mobile apps), and customized marketing messages. This encompasses a range of activities, including mobile-optimized website design and mobile messaging 

Why is Mobile Marketing Strategy so Important in this Progressive Digital Age?

Mobile marketing strategy is a crucial part of this day and age with mobile being an integral part of human lives. By using a mobile marketing strategy, businesses will have a way to reach out to more genuine customers. They will reach customers easily anytime and anywhere. Mobile marketing strategies are just as crucial for small businesses as they are for large enterprises. 

Concepts of Mobile Marketing to Consider While Making Strategies

We need to consider features of mobile marketing when developing mobile marketing strategies, you need to consider the following concepts for mobile marketing while making strategies:

  • Convenience

When crafting mobile marketing strategies, prioritize user convenience. Rather than just focusing on the increasing number of customers. Make sure to make the strategies that will be easily accessible for users to interact with your content.

  • Simplicity

It is a crucial concept in mobile marketing strategies. Mobile screens have limited small areas for you to showcase your products and services. So, it is considered a wise decision to create your message and design simply for mobile users.

  • Speed

Speed plays a critical role in mobile marketing strategies. The loading time of your app or website should decrease. Mobile users are very impatient when it comes to screen time scrolling and using. So, it’s essential to make them fast to avoid frustration and abandonment. 

  • Automation

Automation is the most fruitful marketing strategy that minimizes manual work. It improves efficiency and saves time.

  • Analytics

Analytics also fall under mobile marketing strategies. It allows you to keep records of various user activities within a mobile app. This technique helps to analyze the data, to make adjustments according to the report. App performance monitoring is also done through an analytical process. 

  • Responsive Design

A responsive design for mobile apps is essential. It allows the design to smoothly fit any device size. Making it more effective for developers as well as users. It won’t let the app design compromise which automatically ensures a high-quality user experience. 

  • Location-Based

Location-based is a very successful potent tactic in the mobile marketing world. This strategy provides information regarding the user and helps to target an 

  • Multi-Language

Offering multiple languages can cater to users worldwide. By making the app include a multi-language option so that customers of every type and language can use it. 

  • Cost-effective

Effective optimization and marketing don’t always require substantial financial investments; efficiency plays a pivotal role in marketing strategies. 

Benefits of Mobile Marketing Strategies

There are different types of benefits that you can get from Mobile marketing strategies. You can get lots of advantages and have easy access to a large number of users. By reaching a broad audience, you can potentially increase your app’s visitation rate and, ultimately, convert visitors into customers. Optimizing your website for mobile devices can lead to higher rankings on Google’s algorithm. Hence, mobile marketing strategies are deemed highly important in the marketing field for effective and efficient website promotion.

What are the best / Most Creative Mobile Marketing Strategies in 2024?

Even though strategies can vary depending upon the type of businesses, budget, products, and services, you can look at the best mobile app marketing Strategies in 2023 as follows: 

Mobile Marketing Strategies

  • SMS Marketing

It is also renowned for text message marketing, The first ever mobile ad was done through SMS in 2000 by a company called Finnish News. This market strategy has been used around since then till now. It is still one of the effective methods. This strategy consists of sending promotional messages to the customers through mobile SMS. It has high response rates and allows businesses to engage with consumers in a personalized way. This is a cost-effective and time-saving way that provides real-time data, which helps businesses measure and optimize their servicing and products for better services. 

  • Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is considered an important component and highly effective part of digital marketing strategies. When social media gains high popularity because of the widespread use of a large number of users showcasing their talent, and ability and for personal use as well, it becomes the perfect place for businesses to brand their company services and products. social media like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and other social sites give the feature to connect with your target potential customer and also provide personal custom options to interact, message, and comment

  • GPS(Global Positioning System) Marketing

GPS(Global Positioning System) marketing is one the location-based marketing mobile strategy. This technology helps to deliver messages and promotions that are based on the user’s location. You can customise the message according to area targeted users. The same product, services, and way to deliver the ads and messages tends to be different for the customer living in different areas. Such as for promoting local products and services for local people can be varied for promoting the same local product for international can be different. So this approach helps to record and target the users. It also helps to provide location-based recommendations and advertisements. 

  • Proximity Marketing

Proximity marketing is also location-based marketing, just like GPS marketing. This strategy focuses on delivering messages, promotions, and advertisements to targeted customers through the use of different technologies such as Bluetooth, Geofencing, Wi-Fi, NFC(Near Field Communication ) and beacon technology to search, detect, and connect with nearby mobile devices to promote their product and services. 

  • In-App Marketing

In-app marketing is one of the smart marketing moves you can make. This strategy involves using mobile applications. The most popular apps are TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, and Telegram. This marketing allows businesses to engage with users in real time and helps to promote their products. You can use different advertising elements such as Display, Native advertising, and video ads for business promotion. 

  • Push Notifications

Push notifications are a very useful marketing strategy that uses the notification feature of mobile for marketing purposes. It was first started by the Apple company in 2009. These notifications are in the form of pop-up message banners on the user’s device. This strategy benefits in lots of ways such as helping to reach users instantly, by providing personalized messages businesses can engage the user and retain them for a longer period. Ultimately, helping businesses gain more loyal customers and increase sales rates.

  • Voice Search Optimization

Voice search optimization is a process of optimizing the voice search features that help in the visibility of voice-based search queries. The most popular voice search assistants that are publicly available for users are Siri, Alexa, and many more. Users used their voices to commands rather than type them on the search engines for various purposes. 

  • Mobile-Friendly Websites and Apps

In the world of technology, mobile phones have become an inseparable part of humans. from the moment we wake up to the eye we close just after we sleep. People do it every day and are portable to carry around wherever you are. So making the websites and Apps mobile-friendly becomes a crucial part of marketing strategy.

According to the experts from CDR Report Writer, the mobile-friendly website design helps to attract user attention, making it responsive will help to solve the problem regarding the sizes of mobile devices. Considering the speed of the app is important too, users might think your website is down or leave immediately, causing users to have shorter attention spans, especially if you’re competing with other reliable high-functioning sites.

  • Opt-In and Opt-Out Form

An opt-in form is a form that gives users the option and choice to voluntarily receive notifications and messages such as updates, promotions or push notifications. An Opt-out form gives the user the freedom to unsubscribe and receive any communication, message, or notification. 

  • User-Generated Contents

User-generated content is also known as consumer-generated content. This type of content is considered to be original and is normally about some specific brand that is published by their customers on social media or any other media platform. The content can be in the form of images, videos, reviews of the product and services, a testimonial, and recently popular trend of media platform podcasts. This type of content may not just be limited to customers but also can be brand loyalists, employees, and UGC Creators. 

Best Tools for Each Mobile Marketing Strategy

Mobile marketing comprises different strategies and tactics to reach the target audience through mobile devices. There are some tools and techniques used in mobile marketing strategy, that are helpful when executing mobile marketing strategy and some of the best tools for them are given below: 

  • SMS Marketing Tools 

SMS marketing tools are used to send information to users through SMS (Short Message Service). Which is used by businesses to send messages to their customers. You can use different SMS marketing tools to manage your marketing campaigns. Some of them are as follows:

Examples of SMD marketing tools are given below: 

  • EZ Texting

 EZ texting is an SMS marketing tool that is used for bulk messaging, contact management, and many more. Also has audience segmentation, mobile keywords, and reporting features for you to make the marketing process easier. 

  • Twilio 

This tool is a cloud-based communication. It provides features like personalization, scheduling, and automation. This also helps you to manage all the marketing tasks conveniently. 

  • Omnisend

It is a marketing automation tool that allows businesses to manage marketing campaigns across different channels. 

  • Attentive

It is an SMS Marketing tool that helps in sending small text messages to new users and old loyal customers. Moreover, you can personalize text messages and send them to the segmented users or individuals. It has features like SMS Campaigns, audience segmentation, and many more.

2. Social Media Marketing Tools

Social media marketing tools help to manage the business by analyzing and managing different and optimizing social media campaigns. This type of tool provides features such as monitoring engagement, analyzing performance and many more. Some of the Social media marketing tools are as follows:

  • Buffer 

It is a social marketing tool that consists of features like scheduling, publishing, and analyzing social media posts across various platforms.

  • Hootsuite

Hootsuite is a social media management platform that provides you with features like scheduling posts in advance, monitoring social media conversations, tracking analytics, and performance metrics. 

  • Later

Later is a tool specifically designed for visual content such as images and videos. It also helps with social media scheduling and management. 

3. GPS Marketing Tools

GPS (Global Positioning System) is a marketing tool that is an advanced technology used to track the locations of the person through their mobile phone. It involves strategies such as analyzing data from GPS trackers to enhance marketing efforts and help deliver services and information based on the location of current and potential customers. The following are the commonly used GPS Marketing tools:

  • HYP3R

HYP3R is also a location-based marketing tool that is mainly used for social media. It allows businesses to target users based on real-time location. It gives features like social media monitoring, real-time management, analytics, and reporting.

  • Netmera

This tool is best known for its mobile marketing automation platform. It provides features like push notifications in personalized time and ways, In-app messaging for promotional offers and announcements, testing the visuals, and messages before engaging with users, and many more.

  • Flame Analytics

Flame Analytics is also a GPS mobile marketing tool that helps you to analyze customers’ behaviors and provides insights so that you can optimize and strategize physical spaces to attract potential customers. This tool uses Wi-Fi tracking, Customer segmentation, Heatmaps, path analysis, Real-time Notifications, and Integration with CRM and marketing tools.

4. Proximity Marketing Tools

They are tools for implementing strategies that ensure that your current and potential customers can get timely delivery of personalized notifications. This is the best tool for the implementation of advertising and strategy tools. Based on how close the customer is to the specific place, you can influence the consumers to purchase the product and services from you. 

  • NearBee

Nearby is a proximity marketing tool. It provides beacons and Bluetooth technology to deliver information to users based on their location.

  • Bleesk App

It is a mobile application that is used for delivering personalized notifications and engaging potential customers into buying your product.

  • Appadia Mall App

This proximity marketing tool is used specifically for shopping malls. It provides features such as location-based offers, directions to the store, store products, and event notifications to optimize customers’ shopping experiences and target potential customers. 

5. In-app Marketing Tools

In-app marketing tools are the software that helps businesses to directly interact with their customers through mobile phones. Some of the in-app marketing tools are: 

  • Grove HR

This In-app marketing tool provides automated HR processes, and all the HR operations are streamlined to enhance employee experience and engagement. 

  • Notion 

Notion is an all-in-one workspace and collaboration tool. This tool offers features like organizing notes, documents, databases, and task lists. 

  • Genially 

It is an online platform that provides features like creating appealing presentations, infographics, a variety of animation templates, and interactivity options to engage with audiences and customers.

  • Amplitude

It is a tool used for analyzing products that help businesses to get insights into their digital products. 

6. Advertising Tools

Advertising tools are tools that are used for advertising purposes. It helps businesses and assists in areas like creating and managing advertising campaigns. It also provides features like keyword research, ad creation, fraud detection, insights into the customer’s information, and an improved user targeting process.

  • Google Admob

It is a tool for advertising, especially for mobile marketing that helps monetize apps for displaying ads. It works by analyzing the user’s data and displaying the relevant ads to attract new potential customers.

  • Facebook Mobile Ads

Facebook mobile ads are tools specially designed for advertising purposes in Facebook apps. This allows businesses to advertise their products and services on Facebook to reach a wide audience.  

7. Analytics Tools

Analytics tools are marketing tools used to analyze the data that are taken from various resources to give the users insights and report on the performance, user behavior, and other performance metrics. It is considered a modern mobile marketing tool. Helps businesses to make data-driven decisions.

a. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is used for tracking and analyzing web traffic, user habits, and behavior, numbers of clicks, impressions, cost per click, site speed analysis, custom report and dashboard, conversion tracking, etc. 

b. AppsFlyer

It is also a tool for mobile marketing that helps businesses track and analyze the performance of mobile app marketing campaigns. 

8. Multi-Channel Marketing Tools

Multi-channel marketing tools are platforms that collaborate with businesses to manage and execute marketing campaigns across various social media platforms, websites, and different channels. It provides features like automation, audience segmentation, and analytics to ensure consistency.  

a. Iterable

It is a multi-channel marketing tool that will assist you in managing different channel campaigns. It gives features like segmentation, notifications, email marketing, and SMS marketing for managing various platforms at once. 

b. SendPulse

SendPulse is also a multi-channel marketing tool mainly for reaching out to the target audience by using multiple channels that include email, SMS, chatbots, and many more. 

9. App Store Optimization Tools

App Store Optimization (ASO) tools are special software for optimizing mobile apps for better visibility discoverability and higher ranking in the app stores. It keeps records of the ranking and downloads of the apps. It presents you with lots of valuable features such as app store listings including keywords, app titles, descriptions, screenshots, and reviews. 

  • AppTweak 

AppTweak is an ASO tool that is used for keyword research of apps so that app developers can target the relevant keywords within app store listing for higher ranking, optimization, performance tracking, and recommend data-driven decisions. 

  • Mobile Action

Mobile Action is also an ASO tool that has various features that can help in keyword research competitor analysis and making data-driven decisions.

10. SEO Tools

SEO tools are various software that helps businesses optimize their websites for better visibility, discovery, and ranking high in search engines. They have features that will help you to get and have access to keywords in detail that have the potential to be ranked, competitor analysis, backlink analysis, site auditing, and many other essential features required for optimizing the websites to gain organic traffic. 

  • SEMRush

SEMRush is a powerful tool that offers a variety of features for website optimization gives insights on competitors and helps to improve your organic traffic. 

What are mobile marketing media trends for 2023?

For the past years, mobile marketing has gained lots of superiority and priority in digital marketing fields. You can use strategies and trends to keep up with the latest ideas to optimize your mobile marketing. The following are the potential trends and focus areas to accept a change in mobile marketing media for 2023:

  • Augmented Reality (AR)

Augmented reality(AR) refers to the very advanced technology that makes use of digital elements such as virtual objects or information in the real world. They were very popular in the gaming areas but nowadays you can see them implemented in business apps for an outstanding UX(User interface). 

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not much of a new technology for 2023, since its use has been for a long time but its usability and capabilities are still remarkable, and there are ongoing trends to use them for streamlining processes, in most websites and apps. 

  •  Video

Video is one the most eye catchy and easily sends your message through these for a large audience. For 2023, short videos are a very popular trend and are known as reels on Instagram. Due to this technique famous apps like TikTok have gained lots of popularity.

Interactive videos on YouTube are popular and it seems that they might stay for longer in the future. 

  • Voice Search

Voice search is also one of the trends that will have its continuity use in the future as well. With the rise of voice assistants like Siri, Google Assistant, and Alexa, more people seem to be relying on them to save time and for more convenience. 

  • QR Codes

QR (Quick Response) codes are one the most popular ways to quickly provide access to digital content without any hassle of having it typed in search engines. This convenient technology seems to be gaining popularity in different fields. 

  • Chatbots

Chatbots are also a trendy mobile market media. It helps in almost any problem a user can have from coding problems to remedies and advice, any type of problem is solved by chatbots. It also gives feedback to the users. 

  • Mobile-optimized websites

The use of mobile is at its peak, so mobile-optimized websites are just another crucial marketing trend in 2023. As so many people who don’t use laptops or don’t have desk jobs don’t visit as often as you think. Even desk job holders will use mobile apps for more convenient access to the system. So, most of the web traffic is from mobile phones and its optimization is a smart move.

  • Influencer marketing

It is a form of marketing where famous individuals on social media deal a partnership with businesses and help them promote their products and services through them.

  • Mobile Coupon Marketing

Mobile coupon marketing refers to the processing of digitally redeeming coupons by using a mobile device as the marketing strategy. Coupon campaigns are not a new strategy it is pretty old but digitally giving them is a new concept and is a very convenient way. It is cost-effective, and fast and these coupons can be easily shared with friends. These strategies fall under the mobile coupon marketing strategy. 

What is a mobile-first strategy?

A mobile-first strategy is a process of giving priority to the mobile version of the website over its desktop version. Prioritizing mobile versions means not just in the development phase, but also in the optimization phase and design as well. The key element of the mobile-first strategy includes responsive design, simplified user interface, page speed, and others. 

Why is mobile marketing different from desktop marketing?

Mobile marketing is different from desktop marketing in many ways due to its unique characteristics. If you want to succeed in targeting potential customers and users then optimising both mobile and desktop is a must. Though you might find some similarities still there are large numbers of differences that shouldn’t be overlooked and some of them are as follows: 

  • Content

The classical element in marketing is content. You should be careful of the content for mobile marketing. For desktop, the amount of content might not matter much but for mobile, it should be kept minimal.  

  • Image format

Desktop users prefer landscape images whereas mobile users need to be portrait-aspects. Since mobile phones have smaller screens in comparison to desktop ones, the images should be optimized accordingly. 

  • Video

It is found that mobile users get more traffic from video rather than written content and articles. So, you should consider and focus more on the video for mobile marketing. 

  • Call-to-Action buttons

Call-to-action (CTA) buttons are an essential element in marketing fields. These buttons are used for specific reasons such as buying stuff, signing up, logging out, downloading, and many other important actions. That’s why it is really important to consider them while marketing. For Mobile marketing, they should be large, easily tappable, and to the point text and use contrasting colors. For desktop marketing, CTAs should be more complex and attention-grabbing. 

  • Location

Location is an essential feature on the mobile rather than the desktop. Mobile users often use them to ask for brands near their location and others. So, implying them for marketing in mobile can be a very good marketing strategy for mobile but not for desktop marketing. 

  • Usage

The thing is, large numbers of people use mobile phones more than computers. Only desk job holders use computers but they still use mobile for other tasks. So, focusing on and targeting mobile users becomes important.

  • Target Audience

The target audience can depend upon the type of product and services you are marketing for. Your target audience uses mobile more than the marketing campaign should focus on mobile marketing. But if the product is commonly for desktop users then it should be focused accordingly. You can also use a combination of both strategies. 

  • Screen

In mobile marketing, mobile users use the whole screen to access the app or website. While it is not the same for desktop users, they use multiple tabs and screens open at the same time. Thus, while developing your website and app design should take into consideration such things.  

What type of content works best for mobile marketing?

In mobile marketing, the best content can depend upon various factors such as the user’s behavior, and the product and services you are trying to sell. Here are some of the common types of content that can be best for mobile marketing.

  1. Short videos
  2. Bite-size social media posts 
  3. Mobile-friendly websites
  4. Interactive Contents

Mobile Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Before finalizing mobile marketing strategies, you should look out for common mistakes that you might make that can hinder your success. Here are some mobile marketing mistakes to avoid: 

  • Misleading your audience

The content of your website, apps, and articles should be related to the title. 

  • Not optimizing UX for mobile users

You should also focus on the UX(user experience), especially on mobile-friendly design.

  • Neglect the relevance of social media platforms

Social media is a very popular platform, so it is a great idea to engage actively on these platforms for marketing.

  • Not Having A Mobile Marketing Plan For Your App

Doing thorough research on your product and services and then developing a comprehensive plan is ideal. 

  • Sending the same SMS to all the members of your target Audience

You shouldn’t avoid the target audience and don’t forget to send personalized messages to individual target groups to increase potential customers.

  • Intrusive advertising

Mobile advertising is a great tool for marketers but be careful about making intrusive advertising tactics. It is generally not considered good, especially for mobile marketing. You should avoid such advertising since mobile users only have a small space and including such advertising will negatively impact the brand’s reputation. 

  • Ignore mobile-friendly payments.

A secure payment is a must in online businesses, so implementing a good and secure payment is very important to avoid future hassle and build trust in users. 

  • Treat mobile users as desktop users (different experience)

Avoid such thinking, stop treating mobile users as desktop users and try to implement optimizing for both mobile and desktop users differently. 


In conclusion, mobile marketing is becoming a core aspect of digital marketing. If you are looking for strategies for marketing products and services, it is recommended to direct your focus on mobile marketing strategies rather than desktop. But still, it might depend on the type of product and service you are implying.

So, do thorough research first and then look for the strategies and tools suggested. There are lots of strategies and tools to choose from to make your marketing campaigns easy and change your manual work to streamline the process. And take advantage of other features provided by such tools to increase potential customers. 


1. What are the 7Ms of mobile marketing?

The 7Ms of mobile marketing are as follows:

  1. Market
  2. Message
  3. Mission
  4. Message Design
  5. Media Strategy
  6. Money
  7. Measurement

2. What are the marketing trends and predictions for 2023?

The marketing trends and predictions for 2023 are

  1. Growth of e-commerce and mobile commerce 
  2. Advancement of Augmented and Virtual Reality
  3. Increase in demand for user-generated content 
  4. Artificial intelligence and machine learning
  5. Data security and privacy
  6. Messaging apps and chatbots
  7. Niche marketing
  8. Influencer collaborations for marketing
  9. Community-based marketing
  10. Generation z marketing
  11. Increase in demands of Virtual influencers or” virtual YouTubers” (VTubers)
  12. Real-time marketing

3. What Are Some Free Mobile Marketing Tools?

There are some free mobile marketing tools that you can take advantage of for marketing. These tools are available to enhance your marketing efforts. The basic mobile marketing tool which is free to use is given below:

  1. Google Analytics 
  2. Firebase 
  3. Buffer
  4. Bitly
  5. MailerLite
  6. Google Search Console
  7. Answer the public
  8. Soovle
  9. Keyword Tool
  10. Ubersuggest
  11. Keyword Surfer
  12. Rank Tracker
  13. App Annie
  1. Mobile Action
  2. Sensor Tower

4. How Much Does Mobile Marketing Cost?

The cost of mobile marketing can vary depending on various factors such as target audience, industry, resources, and many more. It most likely depends upon which platform you are planning to promote your product and services. Marketing budget can also be influenced by ad formats, campaign scope, target options, and many more. Mobile app analytics and content creators can also be included in mobile marketing costs. It is important to consider your goals, budget, and available resources which determine the cost of mobile marketing. 

5. What are the types of mobile marketing?

There are different types of mobile marketing that you can implement in your businesses to reach your target audience successfully. Here are some common types of mobile marketing:

  1. Mobile Advertising

This type of mobile marketing includes banner ads, video ads, etc. on mobile apps, websites, and other social media platforms.

  1. SMS(Short Message Service )Marketing

This type of mobile marketing involves activities such as promotional messages and updates which are delivered directly to the users.

  1. Mobile App Marketing

This involves activities like promoting mobile apps to increase download rates, app store optimization(ASO), and other relevant market management activities. 

  1. Mobile Web Marketing

This includes activities such as optimizing web design, creating mobile-friendly content, and ensuring page speeds. 

  1. Location-based Marketing 

This is a marketing type involved with users’ location to deliver target offers, messages, and ads. 

6. Why is mobile marketing effective?

There are several reasons mobile marketing is effective. Some of them include mobile being the most common device and widespread use of it, reaching out to the target audience can be done instantly, mobile taking high traffic in comparison to desktop, and can approach the customers with personalized messages to increase user engagement. Mobile also has a higher response rate than any other platform. Last but not least, mobile marketing can be integrated with other mediums such as social media and email marketing. This creates an open and wide range to reach the users for businesses. 

7. What is a common mobile marketing tool?

The tools that are common for mobile marketing have a variety of software that are available for business holders. This will assist businesses to implement and manage their mobile marketing campaigns. Here you can look at some of the common mobile marketing tools:

  1. SMS Marketing Platforms(Twilio)

This marketing tool contains bulk SMS messages, automated SMS, tracking performance, and many more as a feature to help businesses in the marketing department. 

  1. Mobile Marketing Automation platform(Braze)

User segmentation, notifications, and in-app messaging are the features of Braze for streamlining processes. 

  1. QR Code generator(ZXing)

This is a tool used for generating QR codes that include features like customizing QR codes with different options such as URL links, contact information, or app downloads.

  1. Mobile Analytics platform(Firebase analytics)

This tool is provided by Google and offers data related to key metrics, conversion rates, engagement, and user behaviors. 

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Mobile Marketing Strategies

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