Mamaearth Marketing Strategy

Not only this, when you have been in marketing for a while, you may have heard of Mamaearth’s marketing strategy. And it is a well-known brand among the customers. We are sure that people have tried its product to a certain extent, so the question here is what did they do to attract the attention of the buyers or why they rule the market. Well, if that’s what appears in your head, you’re definitely in the right place.

When a brand does something that helps them achieve what they are looking for, it is their marketing team that is behind it. They work around the clock on ideas that can accurately represent their product. But the product should be better than this. As Steve Jobs said, do not sell products, do not sell dreams, half the businessmen and young entrepreneurs interact with it. This is why Apple is rising in the market after so many years.

One such company is Mamaearth, whose marketing strategy prompts us to compile this guide. So without much time, let’s focus on the company’s marketing strategy.

The Story Behind Mamaearth

Varun and Ghazal Alagh struggled as new parents to find healthy and non-toxic products for their son. With most young parents, this can be time-consuming and a great experience and alagh’s are no exception.

After the birth of their son in 2016, they discovered that all baby care products in India contained hazardous chemicals such as parabens, sulfates, phthalates, and bleach, This can cause side effects on the baby’s skin. When exposed to sensitive areas of the face, these chemicals can cause psoriasis, inflammation, and skin allergies. Alagh started ordering goods from the US in search of better options, but it was too expensive and uncomfortable.

Marketing Strategy of Mamaearth

Marketing strategy plays an important role in conveying the message. Below we are going to talk about Mamaearth’s marketing strategy.

Improving the customer base

In that time you need to learn how to improve your customer base. You can’t be limited, the world is your oyster. If we follow the model that started from Apple CPU, personal computer, iPhones, iPods, and much more. All this time they tried to grow.

Focus on Digital Platforms

All brands and companies are aware of the value of digital platforms. We are in the age of digitalization, so we can’t ignore this factor, Mamaearth knows it well. Digital tools are used in Mamaearth’s advertising campaigns. The use of the internet is increasing and more and more people are relying on these digital channels for their knowledge base.

Brand Message

Brand Message is the most important thing, it summarizes your brand. So it has to be precise, clear, and engaging. It should start from the customer and give the impression of the home.

Social Media Marketing

Do you know how many people spend time on social networking sites? The answer is unique every second. We live in the social media era where things can turn into memes and people can become stars overnight. It can create and break people. But people believe what they see on social media more than this.

Brand Endorsement

This is one of the strongest pillars of marketing strategy. This gradually increases the overall value of the brand. The thing is, if a celebrity talks about a product, people will fall for it no matter what. While the brand recognizes our favorite show we will focus on it.

Word of Mouth

Now, this technique may seem vague, strange, and frustrating to some of you but it has benefits. You may have heard that the word spreads faster than air, and it’s true. If you hear anything from someone you know, you will no doubt believe what they say, this is what Mamaearth planned.

TV Commercials

The television advertising system is considered traditional and somewhat old-fashioned. So initially the company did not believe in the idea of ​​promoting the brand through TV commercials. They want to do something out of the box, but the thing is that TV influences people, which is why they decided to dip their toes in TV commercials as well.

YouTube Marketing

There is no doubt that YouTube has become one of the strongest channels for spreading brand awareness. Half the population prefers to watch review videos on YouTube rather than reading about them. That’s why brands want to make full use of the site.


Here it is! This is where we fully take Mamaearth’s marketing strategy. The idea of ​​using only the finest of nature in Mamaearth’s products is fundamental to the company’s consumer strategies and marketing communications. The brand is collaborating with Influencer Marketing to create brand awareness and establish their exclusive sales proposals, as well as credibility among health-conscious consumers. So there is no doubt that they have a strong marketing team and strategies.


Is mamaearth indian brand?

The Mamaearth company is an Indian brand based out of Gurugram, Haryana.

Who founded Mamaearth company?

Mamaearth company was founded by Varun and Ghazal Alagh in 2016.

Is Mamaearth chemical free?

It is a certified toxin-free brand in India.

How does Mamaearth advertise?

The most important strategy used by Mamaearth in marketing through social media. The company collaborates with influencers and uses influencer marketing and hashtags on social media sites.



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