Adsense Approval

Google AdSense is one of the best ad networks to generate income from a website. It is widely used all over the world and

is one of the best networks to get easy permission.

Every blog owner dreams of getting AdSense approval as soon as they start their blog. Many pass through, and some find it difficult to get permission.

Blogging is not as easy as many of you think. To be successful in your blogging career you need to have a huge amount of contribution.

There is no point in applying for AdSense if you are not getting enough traffic. So our priority is to get enough traffic and then think about AdSense.

Traffic to get Adsense Approval

Use High-Level Domain

If you use a top-level domain for your blog, the chances of getting AdSense approval are high. Try to use the .com domain as it is widely visited.

Regional domains like .in or have a fair chance of getting approval, but if you want to get Google AdSense approval faster, .com should be your choice.

Use A Good And Reputed Host

Speed ​​makes a lot of difference in the Google AdSense approval process these days. Nobody likes a slow website and Google. If a website is slow, Google is very selective about allowing it because it affects the overall user experience.

Use A Responsive And SEO-Optimized Theme

Using a responsive and SEO-optimized theme makes a major difference in blog success. Currently, more than 50% of users use mobile to read articles.

So to reach more audience, having a responsive theme is essential. The responsive theme changes the interface based on the screen size, so the user can navigate easily.

Clean Layout With Mandatory Pages

A good layout and easy navigation help users browse your website smoothly. If any user finds your website content difficult to browse, they will leave your website, which will increase the bounce rate.

The Blog Should Have Enough Content

Many new bloggers apply for AdSense without even preparing their websites. They think that getting AdSense is the main milestone for blogging success. But unfortunately, this is a misconception and you won’t be able to earn anything even if you get AdSense approval.

No Copyrighted Content

Google is very strict on copyright issues. No matter how beautiful your blog is, Google will reject your AdSense account if you use copyrighted content.

Do not copy and paste articles from other blogs. Google has a mechanism to track them. Do not use copyrighted images.

Stick To Your Niche

One of the major mistakes that most new bloggers make is that they can’t decide on their niche or even if they decide on a niche, they can’t stick to it. It is very important to decide on a niche and post articles only on that niche.

Optimize Blog For Speed And SEO

Even if you have an SEO-optimized theme and a fast host, you still need to optimize your blog for speed and SEO to get the best out of it.

A good host and theme can help improve it to some extent but if you don’t improve your blog and post, it will be very difficult to get a good SERP rating.

Don’t Use Black Hat SEO

Sometimes you know it, sometimes you don’t, but most new bloggers make this mistake. Before that, what do we need to know? Black Hat SEO?

When you get backlinks from some spam websites and banned websites, it is called Black Hat onsite SEO. You will find many websites offering free backlinks.

Google loves quality backlinks. You may have a lot of backlinks but if they are not from quality websites, they are of no use. Getting backlinks is a long-term process.

So if you get backlinks too quickly, Google will consider it as spam and delist your blog. I saw many websites with great content but was still unable to get AdSense approval due to black hat SEO.

Have Patience

Finally, don’t rush for Adsense. If your blog isn’t getting traffic then you won’t be able to achieve anything by not being there. First focus on getting traffic and then applying for Adsense.

If you are from an Asian country, you have to wait 6 months for your blog to be approved. This is a good time to build your blog, build your brand and get traffic.

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