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Companies across industries are competing to get noticed online. That’s why digital marketing professionals are in demand and the need to retain talent is high on the agenda of many HR professionals.

Employee Experience (EX) has become essential for companies looking to attract and retain key talent. 92 percent of organizations are prioritizing EX improvements over the next three years, up from just 52 percent pre-pandemic, to increase employee engagement, increase productivity, and create a happier workforce.

As demand for digital marketers continues to rise, companies need to offer people more to stay. It’s not about unlimited vacations or bonuses, marketers want to work in an environment that values ​​their skills and provides continuous learning opportunities and a clear career path.

Ways to Attract & Retain Digital Marketing Talent

Accelerate digital maturity

Rationale – Digital marketers are always looking for the next big thing. By nature, they are passionate and driven and love to use technology to drive engagement, leads, and revenue.

Benefits – Deloitte research has found that research staff working in digitally mature organizations are five times more likely to provide resources for innovation. And it’s not limited to millennials, but applies to people of all ages, demonstrating the recognition of the influence of the digital environment.

Results – Mature organizations emphasize transforming the business through targeted improvements in innovation, decision-making, and talent engagement.


Rationale: Time is valuable and work is fast-paced in a digital marketing team. This means that access to learning and professional development opportunities should be as simple and flexible as possible.

Benefits: By learning online, individuals have the opportunity to develop skills at a pace that suits their schedule and have the power to dive into resources as and when needed. The on-demand learning model allows easy access to content through any device, not just a laptop.

Results: The flexibility of online classes, the growth of hybrid models, and the ability to use smartphones and apps to conduct classwork have made online learning more appealing to students. For L&D departments, providing online learning gives access to data previously unavailable in digital marketing.

Offer professional certification

Rationale: The flexibility of online classes, the growth of hybrid models, and the ability to use smartphones and apps to conduct classroom lessons have made online learning more appealing to students. For L&D departments, offering online learning provides access to previously unavailable data.

Benefits: A qualification of this nature demonstrates core skills and knowledge, but also a strong ethic of learning. Continuous learning demonstrates a desire to learn, commit and grow.

Results: Research has found that companies with engaged employees are 21% more profitable. By encouraging and investing in employees to take courses that result in professional certification, a company can increase its productivity, profitability, ROI, and ultimately employee retention.

Keep on top of emerging industry trends

Rationale: In the digital world, the pace of change is so fast that there is a need to constantly develop skills to stay ahead of new technologies, strategies, and developments.

Benefits: According to Statista, adults in the U.S. spent an average of eight hours and five minutes (485 minutes) on digital media each day in 2021, which is expected to increase to 508 minutes in 2024.

Results: Our report ‘Perpetual Evolution’ found that 74 percent of senior marketers believe marketing organizations face a critical talent shortage due to a lack of digital skills.

Provide transferable qualifications

Rationale: Continuous learning is recognized for professional certification from industry to industry and country to country, giving digital marketing professionals the opportunity to move roles and advance their careers in more ways than ever before.

Benefits: A recognized qualification across the board is key for professionals around the world, especially those under 40, the third report of readiness to land a ‘great’ job, Gallup reported.

Results: The more transferable skills a person acquires, the more valuable that person will be to your organization in terms of skill level, independent thinking, problem-solving, and overall output in digital marketing.

Increase job satisfaction

Rationale: With 58 percent of Americans reporting daily stress at work, many employees believe it’s a good time to rethink their options, according to the ‘State of the Global Workforce: 2022’ report.

Benefits: Professionals who are respected by their employers are more likely to engage in their work to increase job satisfaction.

Results: Highly engaged organizations are three times more likely to have managers skilled at fostering engagement in teams by 2021.

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