As the number of global internet users is swelling, businesses are getting loads of marketing opportunities for their brands. However, netizens are becoming more internet-savvy and deeply distrustful globally. Therefore, we have compiled a list of advice for you to nurture customer loyalty through UX design. 

The First Impression is the Last

Remember, the first impression of a business is super important. Nobody buys food from a restaurant whose waiters wear dirty clothes. Why? Because human beings make judgments quickly.  Research conducted by Princeton University USA revealed that people make a first impression in 1/10 of a second. Your site has to attract visitors in less than a second. Visitor onboarding is paramount. You need to hold the hand of potential customers when they first visit your website — informing them about your goods and services ensures they receive the value they expect from you.

Consistency is Necessary

Remember that buyers get wary of a business if it’s inconsistent. Customers like enjoying predictable experiences that meet their expectations.  If your brand is consistent in everything they do, it will make it more credible in the eyes of your audience. Your consistent actions show that people can trust your business to keep fulfilling their needs and keep following your original mission. You should remain consistent in managing your site, social media accounts, and how you interact with your customers. Ask your social media marketing agency to stay consistent with your brand voice. Show a unified front to everyone by creating a user experience that your audience has started to expect from your brand.

Make use of these simple tips and tricks to build a consistent UX.

  • Select a color palette and follow it religiously
  • Write all your content in the same tone
  • Use one brand identity and company logo on all platforms and apps
  • Align your business site to your marketing content or landing pages
  • Use clear, short, and attractive messages
  • Match external aspects to your native business


Tell Stories of your Employees

Customers want to know about the brains behind your great products. They tend to dislike organizations that exist only to fill their pockets. Yes, increasing your revenue is a necessary part of sales, people like businesses with a purpose aside from making money.

So, how can you show your potential and existing customers that you aren’t too keen to increase your ROI? Well, one way is to let the individuals behind your company shine. Rather than just keep pushing your product or service, talk about the people who make it happen. Customers love to know little details about an organization from which they buy things. In this way, organizations prompt them to keep supporting their business. You can create a modest ‘About Us’ page, employees’ stories, and videos featuring staff members. Use pictures of your workplace/factory and workers instead of stock images. You can inspire customers by telling your unique tale — how and why you initiated the business, your mission, vision, and core values.  Honesty work wonders when it comes to winning customers’ hearts by telling why your brand exists. When people know the real purpose behind your company, they will likely make a strong bond with your business.

Optimize for your Customer Journey

A core competency of UX web design in Dubai is understanding customers’ requirements, likes, and emotions. That is why UX designers have to develop a skillset over time to amplify their understanding of consumers and their engagement with the products/services. This skill set involves using qualitative information and in-depth analytics to outline a customer avatar’s most significant attributes. You can use analytical data to make assumptions and validate or throw them. Then, you can develop experiences that nurture user loyalty and a deep feeling of trust. There are five stages of the user journey — awareness, consideration, intention, action, and retention. These stages make up your sales funnel because only a chunk of users who get involved with your product/service will become customers. Awareness is where businesses assess how consumers get to know about their products. For this stage, you need to understand your customers’ pain points. It will allow you to identify the best ways to reach potential buyers while they try to find solutions to their problems. When a person gets interested in your product but isn’t prepared to pay for it, they are in the consideration stage. Testimonials, trust badges, and reviews can help you here. Also, makes sure that your copy is free of grammatical errors. Once you have earned a customer’s trust, it’s crucial to retain it. Retention means making sure that they keep using your product/service. Effective email marketing, consistent push notifications, and in-product perks are some successful techniques to retain your customers.

Bottom Line

Companies ought to work on trust issues and consider them honestly. A surface-level UX design couldn’t tackle this issue anymore. You can’t deceive customers with a false trust created with cheap UX and copy techniques in 2022 and beyond. Brands should address trust concerns during the sales funnel and be reliable to win customers.

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