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If you want to earn some passive income, affiliate marketing is one of the best options available in India. Many affiliate programs in India allow you to earn money every time a sale takes place through a link on your website.

If you manage a website, all you have to do is sign up for a link or referral program by creating an account. By registering with affiliate programs and networks in India, you can rid yourself of risk by replenishing your advertising revenue.

15 Affiliate programs in India that you need to join today

We have listed the top 15 affiliate projects in India that you should join today to see your supplementary income rising.

Reseller Club

Reseller Club is one of the largest reseller hosting companies in India. As a reseller subsidiary, you can easily make a minimum of Rs. 2,000 or a maximum of Rs. 8,000 per recommendation. Once you have registered as a subsidiary, you can manage your account and track your performance with a unique link ID.

Flipkart Affiliate

Flipkart is among the largest e-commerce players in India. Flipkart’s recommendation is different for desktop / mobile websites and mobile applications. The average commission will range from 6% to 20% depending on the type.

Flipkart also provides many link tools such as banners, widgets, and APIs to list Flipkart deals/products on your site/app. You can track the effectiveness of referral links and changes through real-time reports provided by Flipkart.

Amazon Associates

Amazon is the largest e-commerce brand in the world. You sign up for Amazon’s affiliate marketing program using your existing Amazon account. After registering for the program, you can use site lines to easily add links to your website.


VCommission is one of India’s oldest affiliate networks with 18,000+ subsidiaries. Works with leading e-commerce companies such as vCommisson, Agoda, Myntra, AliExpress, and SnapDeal. The platform has 14,000 publishers, making it the largest affiliate network in India.

BigRock Affiliate

BigRock is India’s leading domain registration and web hosting company. The affiliate uses tracking to track and reward sales made at the link URL. BigRock’s tracking cookie is valid for 60 days.

DGM India

DGM is India’s leading digital advertising network. You can join as a co-publisher and select the campaigns you want to partner with to start making money. The commission you earn will vary from campaign to campaign.

Some advertisers give you a percentage of sales, while others give you a fixed fee. Bonuses and incentives are also given to subsidiaries that exceed expectations.

Yatra Affiliate

Yatra is one of the leading online travel agencies in India. The registration process is very seamless and can start immediately after you register. Yatra tracks your affiliate link for 30 days and pays the commission when booking.


Admitad is a global affiliate network that connects thousands of brands and publishers around the world. Admitad operates in India with leading brands such as Samsung, Tata Cliq, and Admitad allows publishers to monetize their communities from social media, YouTube channels, messengers, email newsletters, and other traffic sources.

Hostgator Affiliate 

Hostgator is a global provider of web hosting and related services. Hostgator offers a flexible layered payout, which increases your chances of earning higher commissions on every sale. Eligible sales are made every 2 months + 10 days after the month in which the sale took place.


Optimize is one of the leading global performance-marketing networks delivering $ 1 billion in sales to its customers. Optimize works with leading brands such as PayTM, Samsung, Amazon, Agoda.

If your website receives significant traffic outside India, the Optimize Affiliate Network will help you expand your range.


Cuelinks simplifies the monetization process with JavaScript, which automatically inserts affiliate links into your content. For example, let’s say; You wrote an article on the Philips microwave oven. Cuelinks will automatically add a link to the keyword associated with it.

If you use WordPress, Cuelinks offers a free WordPress plugin that makes the process even easier.

CJ Affiliate

Cj Affiliate is one of the world’s leading affiliate networks with 14 offices worldwide. Cj has partnered with leading brands such as Go Pro, Barnes & Noble, Office Depot.

Cj allows publishers to increase the value of affiliates. In all devices and environments, even without the CJ cookie, the Cj cookie is minimal tracking to ensure uninterrupted monitoring and command.

Rakuten Marketing

Rakuten Marketing is a leading marketing service provider. Rakuten is the largest pay-as-you-go marketing network. For registered publishers, Rakuten offers educational tools and training to start your commissions.

Links Rakuten allows you to monetize your content using banners, search boxes, customized deep links, and flex links, including text, rotating banners. The platform pays weekly within the minimum limit.

Sovrn Commerce

Sovrn Commerce (Erstwhile Vigilink) converts your default outgoing links into affiliate links, and if users purchase, you will receive a referral commission from it. You do not have to sign up for a personal subscription account on all networks.

VigLink keeps earning 25% commission while you can pocket 75%, which is not bad considering you are monetizing previously unpaid links.

Shopify Affiliate

Shopify is an all-around e-commerce platform that allows businesses to sell online. Join the Shopify plan for free and it will help you monetize your visitors and earn commissions from every new Shopify merchant recommendation. As a subsidiary, you can earn an average of $ 58 per user signing up for a paid plan with your affiliate link and $ 2000 per Shopify Plus referral.


What is the easiest affiliate program?

Amazon Associates. ClickBank Affiliate. eBay Partner Program. Commission Junction. Rakuten Affiliate.

Which is easier dropshipping or affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is much easier to start and manage than drop shipping. On the Dropshipping website, you need to actively monitor the store and order products through suppliers. All this takes time.

How many affiliate programs should I join?

As a rule of thumb, the number of add-ons you can add should not exceed three on a site. Before taking any further steps, make sure that you have done some thorough research on the add-ons you want to join. Make sure they are right when you join other projects.



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