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    How to get listed on Wikipedia?

    This is one of the most searched questions that how to be listed on wikipedia, or how to be included on wikipedia, everyone wants to be on Wikipedia as it not only gives a boost to the profile but also easy for users to find the personalities and topics.

    About Wikipedia

    Wikipedia is a free online encyclopedia that covers different topics/personalities/etymologies written and maintained by voluntary efforts of people generally called “Wikipedians”. It is the 7th most popular website in the world having 500 million unique visitors every month. The site founded by Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger and the name suggested by Mr. Sanger by coining the name as a mix of wiki and encyclopedia.

    It is not easy to list your profile or your content on Wikipedia. You can’t edit or create your own Wikipedia page, because it would be a conflict of interest, however you can list yourself on Wikipedia repository, as they are looking for creators or similar list run by a different community.

    Following tips, you can follow to get listed on Wikipedia:

    First of all, you all need to register on Wikipedia. Now, you need to follow certain guidelines and policies to get your profile and content on Wikipedia. Some of the tips given below that you can follow for getting your content or your profile on Wikipedia.

    1. Get yourself everywhere possible on search engines. Get as many as article published on yourself/website in simple terms make your online presence. Wikipedia usually checks your creditability from external sources or editorials.
    2. For making your own page, you will need to assure Wikipedia that you and/or your work have significantly covered by verifiable, reliable, and independent sources. You can use your own website to archive unbiased information about you and your work.
    3. One of top trick is to edit previously listed Wikipedia pages so that Wikipedia CMS can easily identify you to be an authorized person.
    4. Note that Wikipedia does not take into consideration of the press release or your personal website content sources for publication.

    These are the tips to include your content or yourself on Wikipedia. One last tip, after your content published on Wikipedia, it is seen that the editors usually change the page’s title and made other non-substantive edits. If you do get a page published, continue to monitor and update it as needed.

    How to Make a Wikipedia Page

    In order to get listed on wikipedia you first need to understand the basic benefits you get after making Wikipedia page:

    1. Good source of backlinks:

    Wikipedia having more than 500 million unique visitors in month would help you to get more and more traffic onto your website or your profile.

    1. More profitability:

    Considering business, customers are the ultimately thing. Getting customers in millions is a huge thing for every business this implies more sales and more sales implies more profitability which is the lifeblood of the business.

    1. Build Creditability:

    By building a page for your organization on the site, you can further develop your credibility as an established company.

    Steps to follow to make Wikipedia page:

    1. Checking Eligibility:

    According to the Wikipedia, organizations must be “notable,” which Wikipedia defines as having “verifiable evidence that the organization or product has attracted the notice of reliable sources unrelated to the organization or product.”

    In simpler terms,

    if organization or the topic is reliable sources have written about your company, then you are eligible to create a page.

    1. Create a Wikipedia Account

    First step is to register on Wikipedia (Small Tip – Use your original name as well as the email account)

    1. Contribute to Existing Pages:

    This is the best way to make your creditability on Wikipedia. You can simply edit or modify the previously listed Wikipedia pages so that Wikipedia CMS can easily identify you to be an authorized person.

    1. Verify a Page Doesn’t Already Exist

    Before publishing, please check if page similar like you does not exist previously. Despite of having a great knowledge or how unique you are if anyone else flagged a page on Wikipedia it becomes very hard to list your page.

    1. Research Your Topic and Gather Resources

    Before writing your Wikipedia page, be sure that you have fully researched the topic you are writing. Please be sure that to include both internal and external sources to ensure that you are solidifying your reliability and notability.

    You should write with proper references and bibliography with no plagiarism.

    1. Create an Outline

    After you’ve gathered your research sources, build an outline for your page. Break your information into digestible sections that can be indexed through the site’s table of contents that accompanies every page.


    So, these are the steps you need to follow in order to get listed on wikipedia, remember you first need to make a good repo by interacting with wikipedia like suggesting changes and all. Follow the above steps to  get listed on wikipedia with ease and fun !! Also, follow the tips mentioned at the begining of the article to increase the chance of getting listed on wikipedia.

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