With the release of the new Windows desktop program Studio, WordPress.com users can now create websites on their desktop and share them for free online.

A desktop WordPress website creation and testing tool was made available by WordPress.com last month, albeit it was only compatible with Apple Mac computers. WordPress.com reports this month that WordPress Studio is now accessible on Microsoft Windows.

Over 25% of WordPress developers are Microsoft Windows users, according to WordPress.com. However, there’s a chance that a large portion of WordPress users who would like to learn how to build with it are non-developers who use WordPress for their websites.

WordPress Studio is an intuitive programming environment designed to assist both Microsoft Windows developers and non-developers who wish to learn WordPress without making any mistakes on a live website. 

Local WordPress Development

Working on a website locally, as opposed to hosting it on a web server, is known as local development. Convenience is by far the most compelling argument for working on a website locally. Another reason local development is popular is that working directly on a desktop environment reduces the likelihood of making a mistake that could lead to the site going public and unintentionally affecting the live website’s rating. 

A third justification for local development is that it’s less expensive, quicker, and generally simpler for non-developers than setting up an online testing platform to test new plugins and make sure they won’t break a website, or just to make a sample site that can be shared with a client or team.

The drawback of local development up until now has been the high learning curve of many of the most well-liked platforms, which is troublesome for publishers and SMBs that lack the time to commit to picking up yet another talent. Having worked with a few local development platforms in the past, I am aware of the learning curve.

WordPress Studio

Now that a WordPress-specific solution to the issue of local WordPress development has been made available, WordPress users will find it simpler to test, develop, and gain more comfort with WordPress. A WordPress website can be easily broken, and up until now, there has never been a simple approach to test WordPress plugins without spending extra money or to just learn how to use WordPress. 

  • Demo sites
    Put an end to Ngrok-like tunnels and send clients or colleagues interactive screenshots of your local websites, facilitated by WordPress.com.
  • Superfast WordPress installation
    Regardless of how many sites you’re working on, you can create unlimited local sites in Studio.
  • Dependency-free building
    Create dependable and light-weight local WordPress websites with WordPress Playground—all without having to deal with Docker, NGINX, Apache, or MySQL.
  • One-click admin
    Save time managing passwords by opening WordPress Admin for every website with a single click. 
  • Open your site anywhere
    Create your websites in the manner that suits you. To suit your workflow, open the site’s code in your preferred IDE, CLI, or file browser. 
  • Built by the biggest contributor to WordPress core
    We have 109 active authors, thus we have extensive knowledge of WordPress.

Create And Share A Demo Site

WordPress Studio has a great feature that allows you to share your sample sites with clients or other team members so you can collect comments and iteratively develop the website. To begin with, the user must register for a WordPress.com account and link the Studio desktop application locally to the WordPress account. Five demo sites can be hosted by users for free on a temporary domain (WP.build). Free demo sites expire seven days from the date of the most recent update; to extend their lifespan, simply update the demo site.

All demo sites can be manually deleted from the hosted demo and also on the desktop.

Support For Exporting A Theme

The local development environment for WordPress Studio includes the ability to export themes. On their desktop environment, users can develop a theme and then choose to export the theme. The theme can be exported from the Studio program as a zip file, which can subsequently be transferred to an online staging environment or live website.

You can find detailed instructions on how to utilize Studio on WordPress.com. Based on the instructions, it seems that Studio is more simpler to use than other local development solutions, which are often designed to support a variety of websites, not simply WordPress sites. When compared to other local development environments, the learning curve seems to be quite mild.


What is WordPress Studio?

WordPress Studio is a desktop program developed by WordPress.com that allows users to create and test WordPress websites directly on their Windows desktop environment.

Who can benefit from using WordPress Studio?

Both developers and non-developers who use WordPress for their websites can benefit from WordPress Studio. It provides an intuitive programming environment designed to assist users in learning and working with WordPress without the risk of mistakes on live websites.

What is local WordPress development?

Local WordPress development refers to working on a website locally, directly on a desktop environment, rather than hosting it on a web server. It offers convenience, reduces the risk of mistakes affecting live websites, and is less expensive and quicker than setting up online testing platforms.

What are the key features of WordPress Studio?

WordPress Studio offers features such as superfast WordPress installation, dependency-free building with WordPress Playground, one-click admin access to WordPress Admin for each website, and the ability to open sites' code in preferred IDEs, CLIs, or file browsers.

How can users share their work using WordPress Studio?

Users can create and share demo sites with clients or team members using WordPress Studio. They can host up to five demo sites for free on a temporary domain (WP.build) and collect feedback for iterative development.

Does WordPress Studio support exporting themes?

Yes, the local development environment of WordPress Studio includes the ability to export themes. Users can develop a theme on their desktop and export it as a zip file, which can then be transferred to an online staging environment or live website.


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