What is AI used for in marketing?

In 2022, marketing is all about data — information about your competitors, market trends, and what your customers (and customers) are saying about your product. There is a lot of information, but it is difficult to source manually. AI makes this process much easier. It’s fast, scalable, and difficult to achieve by hand.

Techniques including sentiment analysis can be used to aggregate positive and critical product reviews. Competitor insights can inform you about what competing brands are doing. Better targeting can improve the ROI of your marketing campaigns. There are even AI-driven systems to write creative copy, which helps keep up with the Internet’s relentless demand for content (SEO optimization).

Best AI and marketing automation tools


The people behind Jasper, the most popular of the various AI-powered copywriting systems, soon became a victim of their own success. After acquiring more than 350,000 users, Marvel sent them a cease and desist letter. Their AI was previously known as Jarvis, inspired by Tony Stark’s (AKA Iron Man) virtual assistant. And so, Jasper was reborn.

Surfer SEO

Surfer SEO is a content optimization tool that helps you build copy to rank in search engines – a worthy goal for any content strategy. As you write, Surfer evaluates and scores your content based on its keyword density, readability, length, use of headings, and other features that boost content rankings.


First, the author has a high-value URL, which indicates high ambitions. They position their site as a writer’s assistant for marketing teams. Writer is a collaborative tool that takes some of the features of a traditional text editor like Word and turbocharges them.


Through a digital experience, the Fullstory is a site visitor’s journey from their first visit to conversion (or churn). They make the valuable point that you can learn a considerable amount from the unpredictable actions of users, which might not have been anticipated.


Zapier is really the Lego of technology layering and process integration. You can use it to create connections and marketing automation between thousands of different systems, saving time, improving efficiency, and creating cost savings. You create customized workflows to connect actions in one system to automated processes in one or more. Important data is pulled from the right place every time.


Hemingway also provides a readability score based on American academic standards. A class of 9 or below is considered best to reach a large audience. It’s very easy to use – just copy and paste your text into the online application.


Important AI assistants or annoying nuisances — whatever you think of chatbots, they’re here to stay. Of course, the usefulness of a chatbot depends on how you build it, and that’s where Chatfuel comes in. Instead of buying an off-the-shelf solution, the platform allows you to create a bespoke virtual persona yourself using an intuitive drag-and-drop interface.


Like Hemingway, grammar examines ways to improve your content. Unlike Hemingway, it does not make many assumptions about style and focuses its attention instead on the traditional rules of syntax and grammar.

A great feature is that you can use Grammarly while working in Gmail, Word, Twitter, Facebook, and many other applications.


Advertising is hit-and-miss by nature, or at least it was before the dawn of AI. Albert customizes and optimizes ad content across social media and paid search platforms including Facebook, YouTube, Google Ads, Bing, and more.

Albert.ai serves as a laboratory for testing and modifying campaigns to take advantage of unseen channel opportunities, demographics, or unimagined new markets. This helps make ad campaigns more relevant and less wasteful.

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