9 Ways SMS Marketing Can Benefit A Small Business

Small businesses need to hit the ground running if at all they are to keep up with the competition. The fact that you are just starting and others have been in the business for long means you need to put that extra effort into finding your spot in the industry. For small businesses already established but faced with the need to grow, the same aggressiveness is needed; without it, you risk stagnating and probably being pushed out of business.

Marketing your small business should be your area of focus. The more visible you are to the targeted audiences, the easier it will be for you to get recognized and given business. When people know who you are and what the business is all about, they stick you in their memories, so even if they don’t give you any business at the current time, they make prospects which is good for any business. SMS marketing is among the marketing strategies you can take up as a small business.

What it is 

SMS marketing is the kind of marketing you do by sending text messages to your potential customers. They receive the messages on their phone, and from there, they can decide whether to check you out further depending on how relevant or appealing what you are selling is to them. It is one of the simplest marketing methods you can use, but like the rest, you need to be careful with handling the process; otherwise, you could end up being another irritating promotional message on their phones.

The benefits 

SMS marketing can seem rather backward, especially in modern times where social media has taken over. You can use many social media platforms to put your business out there, but your small business still benefits greatly from text messaging marketing. This is because:

1. SMS marketing is easy to handle 

As a small business, you may not have the time for marketing campaigns that require lots of time input. Some of the strategies are so taxing that you would have to move from place to place, shooting needed pictures or videos, editing them before placing them on the desired channels. With SMS marketing, you only need a couple of well-constructed and detailed sentences to attract customers. You can bulk send the messages to your contact list just as easily. It is a stress-free plan, only requiring regular changes to the promotional messages and ads to pass the message across.

2. It is cost-effective 

Sending a message today costs a few pennies, so even when sending out hundreds of texts, you still don’t spend that much. With chats taking over texts, telecommunication companies offer very good SMS deals; you can buy a cheap package to send hundreds of texts weekly or monthly, thus saving you a great deal of money.

3. Message delivery in an instant

Compared to emails and social media posts that require internet connectivity, texts are delivered directly to phones. People are constantly on their phones, and you can be sure they will get to see the texts as soon as they are delivered, or they will be notified and then check at their convenience. According to texting.io a good number of the recipients might end up being interested in what you are offering, thus starting the purchasing process on the spot.

4. It easily redirects customers to your web pages 

A text message cannot contain all details about your business; it can, however, carry the most important details, including links to your landing pages and business websites. You can also easily integrate your social media pages with a simple text message. By redirecting the customers, your business becomes more visible, and the visits could easily turn into sales.

5. It strengthens customer engagement 

This becomes possible with SMS marketing when you have the right features like chat possibilities. Customers love it when you can quickly respond to their questions and concerns, and text makes this seamless, considering you can respond around the clock. Even if the interaction does not end up in a sale at that time, it gains your business a good reputation, so customers will think of you first the next time they need what your business is offering. Building strong relationships with your customers is always beneficial.

6. It is flexible and customizable 

Text messaging marketing is versatile because you can mix up messages to fit different criteria to boost the business. You can use them in different ways, such as announcing new launches, offers, sales, temporary discounts, and even rewarding loyal customers. People also love being in the know; hence, sharing news can give you quick results. You can do much with the messages to make your business as irresistible as possible.

7. Your messages are received willingly

This is because it is solely up to the customers to decide whether they are interested in receiving promotional messages from your business or not. Customers appreciate the freedom to opt-in or out, and you will be left with those interested in the business offers. By allowing those not interested in opting out, you appear considerate, and they could end up being your future customers. Being aggressive in marketing the business is great, but it can have negative effects if perceived as intrusive.

8. It covers a wide audience 

Almost everyone owns a mobile phone to this day. Even if the phone cannot access the internet, it will receive texts. With people constantly browsing their phones and using them to run their lives, your SMS marketing strategy will reach a wide audience. The more people you reach, the higher your chances of nailing sales.

9. It has a personal approach 

SMS marketing makes people feel special when you can approach them personally. Personalized messages are some of the most fulfilling and can have a positive impact on making the campaign a success. Texts also make people feel like you are talking to them as a person and not a company which is also appreciated. A few right words can be all the appeal you need to change a contact into a customer, and a repeat one, for that matter.


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