Vehicle Trackers: The Ultimate Tool For Vehicle Security And Monitoring

Vehicles are possibly one of the most expensive movable assets anyone can own. The concern is that regardless of how expensive it is to buy cars, people still need them daily. For that reason, the expense is something people cannot avoid. Considering how much people spend to get cars, they need to protect and secure the investment so that the vehicles can serve them for along time.

The best way to secure one’s vehicle is by installing vehicle trackers for enhanced security and monitoring, for whichever reason. This article provides an ultimate guide on vehicle trackers, the different types available in the market, how they work, and how to choose the best ones for your vehicle.



Types of Vehicle Trackers


The security industry is saturated with various vehicle trackers, all of which serve the same purpose but in different ways. Generally, there are two types of vehicle trackers: satellite-based and cellular-based vehicle tracking.Vehicle tracker companies such as RAM Tracking use satellite systems incorporated with GPS functionality to track the location of a vehicle. The tracker can monitor the live location and driver behavior and track the previous movement if you need the information later. Satellite GPS trackers are not reliant on cellular networks and can provide information regardless of location.

Cellular-based vehicle tracking systems use signals derived from cell towers to convey tracking location. Thus, the information obtained from the car is transmitted to the cell towers, which then transmitto the user or the person tracking the vehicle. The apparent disadvantage of such tracking services is that they can quicklyfail without a cellular network or when people use cell-signal jammers.This can impede your Tracking of the vehicle, especially in dire circumstances.


Why Get Vehicle Trackers: Benefits of Vehicle Tracking Systems


1.Enhanced Security

The main advantage of getting vehicle tracking systems is to increase vehicle security. In the United States, there is an incidence of car theft every 39 seconds, with the number being on a steady rise over the past few years. For that reason, you need a car tracker to help you and law enforcement track the car in case of theft.

The tracker not only increases the chances of recovery in case of theft but also disincentivizes criminals from stealing vehicles in the first place. Criminals are more likely to steal a car without a visual tracking system since they want to reduce the chances of being caught.

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2.Monitoring Features

Monitoring vehicles regularly is essential for people who hire out their cars or for people engaging in fleet management for commercial vehicle services. Using a tracking system, you can monitor the vehicle’s location and track driver behavior. Using a tracker can also help your driver plot a good route for their journey.

Some vehicle tracking systems, such as RAM Tracking, allow you to geofence the vehicle to a specific location radius for enhanced security in long travels and can give you insight into driver performance for strategic business functionality.


How Do Vehicle Tracking Systems Work


The functionality of vehicle tracking systems depends on which one you get. Vehicle Tracking systems and software such as RAM Tracking work simply. The car constantly transmits tracking information to the central server that holds the company’s data.

Once the information reaches the server, you can access it through a live link that updates with periodical tracking information, depending on the package you get. Thus, whenever there are any changes in the car’s location, you are updated within a short window, allowing you to take any actions in case of unexpected occurrences.

The tracker also stores the information for you to review later. This is crucial for anyone who wants to monitor and secure their vehicle. Additionally, businesses will enjoy this since the reports allow them to monitor performance and make suggestions for improvement.


Factors To Consider When Choosing A Vehicle Tracker


As mentioned above, there are different types of vehicle trackers in the market with varying pros and cons. Your choice of vehicle tracking system will therefore depend on the following factors.


The type of vehicle tracker can affect reliability. When choosing a vehicle tracker, it is advisable to go for one that uses Satellite GPS location instead of Cellular-based trackers due to their reliability.

2.Data and Analytics

The type of data a vehicle tracking system generates can affect your choice. Vehicle tracking systems must transmit location data with a high degree of accuracy. Without that, relying on it for security and monitoring won’t be easy. Secondly, it must be possible for you to generate and access reports on data collected in the past for ease of Tracking. As a fleet manager, you will need a tracking system to provide information on driver behavior and performance since this data can help manage the business.

3.Software and User Interface

What good is a vehicle tracking system if the software is challenging to navigate? When choosing a vehicle tracking system, look at the software and its presentation and ensure you can use it easily. Alternatively, get one with a slow learning curve for new users.



Costing implications affect a lot when choosing a vehicle tracking system. First, all components’ installation and purchase costs are crucial in determining whether you should get the system. Additionally, other service providers have multiple tracking service tiers, allowing for cost-efficiency for people who do not need the enhanced features. As such, you should consult with the service provider todetermine what you get for every package.

5.Data Protection

Location data is sensitive and can be manipulated by criminals to affect you negatively. When getting a vehicle tracking system, ensure it complies with all local and international protection standards. Remember to go through the terms and conditions of service before deciding.

Parting Shot


Tracking systems provide enhanced security and monitoring features for car owners and fleet managers. While there are different vehicle tracking systems, the best one you can go for is one that uses satellite GPS information. These trackers will guarantee a constant and accurate stream of tracking data, which increases your response in case of theft. Remember to research all the tracking systems you get and decide on the best trackers in the market.


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