A vlogger is the one who creates and uploads a video blog. You may seem like a vlogger, someone who photographs his or her life rather than writing about it. Some vloggers make daily videos of their activities. Others make fewer videos when they say something specific to their followers.
In practice, there is a fine line between a Vlog and any other video channel. Many YouTube channels can be considered vlogs, even if they do not feature “Day of Life” videos. If a channel has the same kind of content as a blog – but in video format – you can consider it a vlog.
To confuse things, some popular YouTubers run separate channels, which they consider to be their walking channel. Others run an integrated channel that actually contains shorts that you might consider Vlog videos.
Over time, the term “vlogging” expanded to include video streaming on
YouTube, Facebook, and other live video networks.

List of top 15 Vloggers

Rachel Aust

Rachel Aust is a qualified nutritionist, personal trainer, and health trainer. She believes that health is more than just the foods you eat or the exercise you do. She thinks she is ‘really good and you need to redesign your mood and space to allow yourself to grow.

Ali Abdaal

Ali Abdaal U.K. Bachelor of Medicine working in Cambridge. He started YouTube in 2007 as a medical graduate of the University of Cambridge but now serves as an undergraduate physician in the UK National Health Service (NHS). He started videotaping his life as a medical student and is currently recording his career as a doctor.

Nayna Florence

Nayna Florence from the UK has shared various videos on her popular YouTube channel. These cover vlogs, standard fashion, university life, travel; In fact, nothing happens. This shows that regular suggestions for gaining expertise on a topic do not apply to everyone.

Holly Gabrielle

Like many on this Vloggers list, Holly Gabrielle calls herself a vegan Vlogger.
She is a graduate of the University of Cambridge, with first-class honors in biological sciences, and is currently embarking on his next academic challenge to pursue a master’s degree in cancer at UCL(University College London).

Azlia Williams

Azlia Williams is an American social media star, popular on both YouTube and Instagram. She started posting videos on YouTube in 2014 and since then she has been increasingly following him.
Many of her videos are volumes that highlight various aspects of her life. Some of them mark a day in her life, when she goes to meetings, to her hairdresser, and even to clean the car.

Roman Atwood

Roman Atwood creates volumes depicting his life. In fact, he owns two film-length vocals and plans to make more of these epics.
Roman started making naughty videos on his YouTube, which he now refers to as “my old dusty channel” – RomanAdwood.
Although he has not added any new videos to the channel for two years, it still attracts 10.6 million subscribers.

Daniel Howell

Daniel Howell originally created his videos as Danisnotonfire (if you look closely you can see that it is part of the URL of his main channel). That channel is now simply named Daniel Howell.
Dan is a British YouTuber who has been uploading his videos since 2009.
He runs a one-page channel called Danisnotinteresting, where he uploads bonus scenes and videos from videos.

Amazing Phil

The Amazing Phil is called Phil Lester in the real world. Like his frequent collaborator, Daniel Howell, Phil is an English YouTuber and former radio personality.
He posted his first video blog in March 2006, rightly called Phil’s Video Blog.


PointlessBlogVlogs is one of the three YouTube channels operated by English YouTube, property investor, and author Alfie Days. The others are his original PointlessBlog and PointlessBlogGames.

Tyler Oakley

Although Tyler Oakley does not refer to his videos as vlogs, many of them fit the criteria. For those who like the strict Vlogger definition, he has a popular section called Day in the Life Videos.
Tyler publishes two videos each week, covering topics ranging from product reviews to a video about how she lost her virginity until her return to college.

Casey Neistat

Casey Neistat is an American YouTuber, filmmaker, vlogger, and founder of Creative Space, 368. He runs a very popular YouTube channel with a wide variety of video genres. But some of his most popular videos are his vlogs.

John Olsson

John Olsson is a professional freeskier and car fanatic who shares his life on a daily vlog.
John was born in Mora, Sweden. He developed an interest in skiing at an early age. As a child, he was involved in racing, but at the age of 16, he switched to freestyle skiing. He became a communist in the game, and he invented his own double flip-flops.

Vlog Brothers

According to the Vlog Brothers’ About page, the purpose of their channel is to enhance the power of sound.
Green Brothers – Channel created by John Green and Hong Green. The brothers have been releasing videos since 2007.


Superwomanvlogs is Lily Singh’s video diary, whose goal is to “make the buzz every day harder”.
Lily is a Canadian YouTube personality, vlogger, writer and actress. His main channel was IISuperwomanII, where he grew rapidly to over 2 billion views, and that channel quickly amassed over 13 million subscribers.

Louis Cole

Louis Cole does a daily vlog depicting his life traveling around the world. His videos show him making new friends and opportunities to inspire others to have fun.
Louise is an English filmmaker who is interested in documenting his journey. He encourages his audience to “be quiet, enjoys life and lives an adventure”.


Who is the No 1 vlogger in the world?

T-Series (197m subscribers) For 1,920 days PewDiePie was the most followed YouTube channel.

Who is the biggest Vlogger in India?

Sourav Joshi. He has gained fame for his wonderful art pieces.

Who made vlogging popular?

Since 2005 Vlogging has seen a strong increase in popularity. YouTube, the most popular video sharing site, was founded in February 2005. Javed Kareem, co-founder of the site, uploaded the first YouTube vlog clip to the zoo on his channel “jawed”. April 2005.



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