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Nowadays, many consumers rely on online reviews and testimonials before making a purchase. Even businesses in the B2B industry are checking the reliability and service performance of potential suppliers. Unfortunately, you hear too many horror stories of online scams to believe every promise you see on the Internet. So, more and more, people are looking for social proof that a company is consistently delivering on its promises.

One way many brands try to emphasize their credibility is by including customer testimonials on their websites. You can find many different types of testimonials, including customer quotes, case studies, customer interviews, top reviews, magazine reviews, and social media posts. However, many companies now include short video testimonials of happy customers on their sites. In this post, we look at the range of video evidence software and tools they can use to make this easier.

Top 10 Video Testimonial Software


Widewail specializes in products you can use to generate feedback and review feedback-managed services. One of their latest products is their video testimonial generation software, Invite Video.

You can use Widewail Invite Video to collect user-generated video content and use your customer’s own words to help convert future buyers.

Clients can book themselves without needing a crew, setup, or travel. Instead, customers can record their videos on their mobile devices, with no downloads required. Call video guides your customers through every step of the process.


You can use Trustmary to increase your conversion rate, collect testimonials, and optimize your website. You can easily create various lead generation forms and showcase your existing happy customer base. It works with your CMS of choice including WordPress, HubSpot, Wix, and more.

Trustmary recognizes that reviews and testimonials are forms of social proof that work well to build trust with your customers.

Vocal Video

Vocal Video integrates the collection, editing, publishing, and hosting of video testimonials and reviews. Additionally, it creates embeddable galleries and walls of love. Vocal Video “automatically” transforms raw footage into multi-visual video with motion graphics, soundtracks, subtitles, and branding.

With vocal video, your customers can record anytime, from any device, with an interface that matches your brand. You can collect video and audio responses, completely remotely and asynchronously. Your customers don’t need to install anything to generate their credentials.


Vidmonials is a powerful customer review management tool that allows its customers to collect, manage and share authentic and useful video testimonials from their customers. You can use Vidmonials to create video testimonials or text-to-video testimonials.

Text-to-video testimonials differ from full video testimonials in that they turn your text reviews into video slideshows with background music. You can convert existing text reviews into videos, post them on your social media platforms and improve your organic SEO.

Testimonial Hero

Testimonial Hero easily creates amazing customer videos aimed at B2B revenue teams that build trust and close deals. They have also recently provided certification software to employees.

Testimonial Hero recognizes that customer testimonials provide immense confidence when attracting new business and are proven to close deals exponentially. Testimonial Hero takes you through a step-by-step journey to create beautifully shot and edited commercial-grade video customer testimonials. You can use both remote and on-site video capture to create your videos.


Boast’s all-in-one video testimonial software makes it easy to capture and share testimonials so you can build trust with prospects and increase sales. You can share a link to your Boast-hosted form and embed a form on your website. Customers can record video from any camera-enabled device.

Boast integrates with your existing tools to request testimonials, with the right message, at the right time, through the right medium to drive your customers to action.


As its name suggests, Testimonial helps you collect and display all testimonials in one solution. You’ll start by creating a dedicated landing page for your business. Then, easily share the page link via email, social media, or SMS. This makes it easy for customers to upload testimonials for you.

You get access to download videos in their original resolution in MP4 format. Additionally, you can add your video to the space page. It’s very personal and will help encourage customers to send you great shoutouts.


VideoPeel automates the entire customer video lifecycle. You can quickly create campaigns, share them with all your customers and start collecting testimonials. You can add your video, logo, or written presentation, customize prompts and add calls to action in a VideoPeel campaign.


VideoAsk allows you to use asynchronous video technology to communicate face-to-face with your audience and build strong business relationships. You conduct one-on-one conversations effectively. Post your questions and share your link. Your customers are ready to record their responses.

Make the conversation seamless using conditional logic, multiple response options (video, audio, text, etc.), and contact forms. VideoAsk records transcribe and organize everything for you.


Honest Customer Feedback – Build credibility and increase online sales with video and text testimonials, reviews, and ratings. Real testimonials, especially videos, show how your clients and customers benefit from your offer and what results they get. Trust Testimonials focuses on real customer feedback and provides all the features you need to easily collect and display it on your website.


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