Social Media Posts Ideas for Diwali

The time is finally upon us: Specifically, the beloved Diwali festival, where the order is truly restored in the universe. Celebrated by millions of people across the globe, the Hindu festival of light has a lot to love about it—like the whole “good triumphing over evil” thing, light overcoming darkness, and best of all new beginnings.

I believe all the best holiday pictures deserve even bigger captions, so I understand why you’re looking here for Diwali social media post ideas.

See, the potential Diwali content is endless. Besides the back-to-back firework boomerangs, there are images of mouth-watering dinners that are sure to end in your story! Festive fashion pictures! This will get more attraction from your customers.

Top 15 Social Media Posts

Asian Paints

Casio India

Titan EyePlus

Paper Boat






Pizza Hut



Nerolac Paints


Country Delight

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