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The list of the most searched people on Google by 2021 has been released. 2021 has almost reached its final stage, and in retrospect, we can see a lot of improvements, learning, and more from that year. Google has also released an annual review of what people are most looking for in 2021.

Google, in its ‘Year of the Search 2021’ report, lists the most popular in India this year, by categories, such as entertainment, news, and sports. Here is a compilation of the top 10 searches of Indians across India. Also, it’s not the first time Google has published such a list. Every year, Google publishes ‘Year in Church’ and revisits the best search trends. According to a recent release, the best search for 2021 is the ‘Indian Premier League, why not? People in India love to play and watch cricket matches. According to the report, here are the top 5 searches for each topic, including overall, near me, how, movies, news events.

The top 5 searches on each topic


As already mentioned, the most sought-after title of this year is the Indian Premier League (IPL), ICC T20 World Cup, Euro Cup, and Tokyo Olympics.

Near me:

People are looking for services and places near me. So the top 5 searches under this heading in 2021 according to Google:

As India has been hit by the second wave of the epidemic and there has been a shortage of vaccines, people are looking for a vaccine in their neighborhood to get slots, so the Govt near me is at the forefront of the vaccine search.

Other important searches include the Govt test near me, the food delivery near me, the oxygen cylinder near me, and the Govt hospital near me. We can see that all the searches here are related to the epidemic.

How to:

The top 5 searches under the category include how to register a covid vaccine, how to download vaccine certificates, how to increase oxygen levels, how to combine PAN numbers with support, and how to prepare oxygen at home.

What is:

Under what category, India’s top 5 searches are what is a black fungus, what is one hundred factors, what is Taliban, what is happening in Afghanistan and what is Remdesivir.


The top 5 most searched movies include Jain Beam, Sher Shah, Radhe, Bell Bottom, and Eternals.

News Events:

The Tokyo Olympics, the black fungus, the Afghanistan news, the West Bengal election, and the tropical cyclone Tauktae are the most searched news events in India.


Neeraj Chopra, Aryan Khan, Shehnaaz Gill, Raj Kundra, and Elon Musk have topped the list of most wanted people in India in 2021.

Sports Events:

Sports events such as the Indian Premier League, ICC T20 World Cup, Euro Cup, Tokyo Olympics, and Copa America were the most sought-after events.


The top 5 recipes searched in India in 2021 include Enoch Mushroom, Modak, Mehta Mather Mala, Balak, and Chicken Soup.

Top Searches in Google

Google India on Wednesday announced the search results for 2021, revealing that Indians are the most searched year-round in terms of entertainment, news, and sports. Here is a compilation of the top 10 searches of Indians in all. Types.

  • Indian Premier League (IPL)
  • Cowin
  • ICC T20 World Cup
  • Euro Cup
  • Tokyo Olympics
  • COVID vaccine
  • Free Fire redeem code
  • Copa America
  • Neeraj Chopra
  • Aryan Khan

When it comes to looking for places or services under “Near me”, here are the top 10 items Indians searched for in 2021:

  1. COVID vaccine near me
  2. COVID test near me
  3. Food delivery near me
  4. Oxygen cylinder near me
  5. Covid hospital near me
  6. Tiffin service near me
  7. CT scan near me
  8. Takeout restaurants near me
  9. Fastag near me
  10. Driving school near me

With the epidemic spreading across 2021, it is not surprising that most of Google’s primary searches for “how” contain questions related to Govt.

  1. How to register for Govt vaccination
  2. How to download the vaccination certificate
  3. How to increase oxygen levels
  4. How to combine PAN number with Aadhaar
  5. How to make oxygen at home
  6. How to buy Dogecoin in India
  7. How to make banana bread
  8. How to check IPO allocation status
  9. How to Invest in Bitcoin

The “What is” section contains a “mixed bag” of searches ranging from “What is a squid game” to “What’s happening in Afghanistan”.

  1. What is a black fungus
  2. What is the factor of a hundred
  3. What is the Taliban
  4. What is happening in Afghanistan
  5. What is Remdesivir
  6. What is the square root of 4
  7. What is a steroid
  8. What is a toolkit

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