Kevin David is mainly an online entrepreneur. He inspired as well as created thousand of entrepreneurs. This youngest entrepreneur has established an online business with the help of affiliate marketing, Shopify, Amazon FBA, YouTube, and also training courses.

Kevin David’s net worth in 2023 is roughly about $5 to 20 million dollars. After becoming successful in Amazon FBA with $2.1 million in earnings, he established his company “THATLifestyleNinja” as well as started inspiring millions of entrepreneurs on how to become successful just like him.

Do you know how Kevin David built his empire? Let’s know about this with the story of Kevin David’s inspiring journey to success.


Who’s Kevin David?

  • Name (Commonly known as): Kevin David
  • Full name (Real): Kevin David Hulse
  • Nationality: Oregonians
  • Date of Birth (DOB): 5th August 1989
  • Place Of Birth: Eugene City in Oregon
  • Height: 5′ and 11″
  • Popularly Known As 8-figure CEO
  • College: Oregon State Honors College
  • Education qualification: Bachelor completed
  • Worked as: Accountant for PriceWaterhouseCoopers and Data Privacy Consultant at Facebook
  • His Courses Cost: around $1000-$1490 or even more
  • Net worth (2023): $5-$20 million
  • Personality: Very positive and inspiring
  • Hobby: Soccer player

Kevin David is mainly a young self-made multi-millionaire entrepreneur and among the most famous names in the digital marketing and eCommerce industry. This young entrepreneur is also a mentor, coach, and best-selling author to a lot of people around the world.

He is among the greatest names in the universe of digital world entrepreneurs. With Kevin David’s growing success, people are interested in Kevin David’s inspiring journey. Like any other aspiring or successful entrepreneur out there, he began with a strong urge to be the boss and be independent (financially).

He built his realm from scratch. He became successful and achieved worldwide recognition in a very short time. Within just 2 years, Kevin formed a famous name in Digital Marketing, e-Commerce, and eLearning. So, let’s dig deeper to know about his inspiring journey.

The Inspiring Journey of Kevin David:

Kevin David became famous in 2017 after he built ThatLifestyleNinja. He is the CEO/founder of ThatLifestyleNinja and he drove it to become very popular internationally in less than only 1 year. Kevin David has successfully created many companies over the past few years.

In Kevin’s youth, he used to enjoy playing soccer. Kevin acknowledged that his passion for sports has shaped him a lot. It has made Kevin way more competitive and goal-oriented. And he always wanted to become his boss and become financially independent. All these things have made Kevin what he is now.

Besides sports, David had some common traits and signs of becoming an entrepreneur that made him so successful at such an early age. Kevin never let go of any chances that came to him. Do you know that he once used to sell candy bars and baseball cards?

However, after Kevin had completed his graduation from the esteemed college of Oregon State Honors College, Kevin started his profession as an accountant. He started working in Portland, Oregon in an accounting company named PriceWaterhouseCoopers. Then, he grabbed his dream career as a Data Privacy Consultant in California for Facebook.

But soon Kevin started admitting that he desired something more than simply working under someone else. This was his turning point. He decided to leave this job and began experimenting with several online opportunities. Kevin developed gaming apps as well as rote a few website blogs also.

Finally, Kevin found the course for Amazon’s FBA business. Slowly, he became among the leading sellers on Amazon and then he created several more online companies. He has even created several eCommerce businesses as well as online courses to spread his knowledge among other entrepreneurs and earn a handsome amount. Thus, he slowly but steadily built his empire. 

How Did Kevin David Build His Empire?

Kevin became a self-made and the youngest billionaire after owning the shares of the German chemist chain Drogerie Markt. Kevin owned these shares from Guenther Lehmann (his father).

Kevin David Lehmann as well as his father Guenther Lehmann have somehow managed to keep a very low profile at first. Their social media platform accounts as well as pictures weren’t available on the internet.

David inherited the shares from his father which made him the proprietor of 50% of the German drugstore chain, Drogerie Markt. It was said that the drugstore helps him earn $12 billion in revenue in a year.

The company was established in 1973 as well as the originator of the firm, Goetz Werner, first, opened a store in Karlsruhe, Germany. Now, the drugstore chain owns more than 3,700 stores all over Germany and has almost 41,000 people as employees.

In a very short period, David has built his own business and courses that inspired other Entrepreneurs!

Kevin quickly became an 8 Figure online Seller using the power of Shopify, Facebook Ads, and Amazon FBA course. After learning the procedure to become successful, he started pursuing his PASSION…

Training thousands of people to leave their boring 9-5 jobs behind as well as free them from hurting corporate slavery.

Kevin’s training continues to build Success Stories around the world for a lot of his  Students and thus he built his empire!

The Main Features That Made His Courses Stand Out:

Let’s learn about the basic features of his courses, that made his courses stand out and became so popular among Entrepreneurs around the world. Here we go:

  • Methods to market a course so one can see a quick return on their investment online 
  • Learning to create an audience of devoted fans who will appeal to purchase your course.
  • Kevin has already done more than 8 Figures from his Courses online
  • ‘Everything for Free’ lead generation system


Kevin David is among the leading influencer in the digital business world now. He guides people in sharpening their skills or talent with the help of the Google Adsense and Amazon Affiliate Program.

Apart from this, Kevin’s major courses consist of online make money, paid training courses, e-commerce, affiliate marketing, Shopify, Amazon FBA, YouTube, and also social media platform marketing.

Kevin normally charges approximately $1000 to $1490 or even more for his seminars and courses. All these made him a billionaire!

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