Swavlambi Bharat Abhiyan

The unemployment problem has become a concern for the nation in the last few decades. Looking up to this concern, we are conducting entrepreneurship and decentralization seminars as part of Swavlambi Bharat Abhiyan.

I want more young entrepreneurs to join in with me to celebrate World Entrepreneurs day every 21st of August. So, through my seminars and Swavlambi Bharat Abhiyan, I am only getting a step closer to my dream.

Young entrepreneurs need not know about the pragmatic details that must be accomplished before they can successfully launch and run a business. Through my seminars in decentralization and entrepreneurship being conducted at more than 10 degrees and PG colleges, I want to motivate and inspire the youth to develop the right ideology and start their own enterprise sooner than ever.

In my opinion, being highly populated or having a large number of young populations is not a weakness but a great asset. Every youngster is capable of becoming a job provider rather than a job seeker, thus generating employment opportunities for others.

As part of Swavlambi Bharat Abhiyan, we are working towards empowerment and enlightenment of Youth to be self-reliant and self-sufficient.

Colleges where we conducted Swavlambi Bharat Abhiyan Programs

On 15th July

In Hindu College of Management, Guntur, Induction program held, with chief guests – Prudhvi Raju kakani, and SMT K Krishna Kumari , C H Rakesh, AV Ramana Murty.

On 8th August

Conducted seminars in BVK women’s college, Tadepalligudem, West Godavari; the chief guests are Bapaya Sharma (garikipati foundation chairman), Kiran; organized by Narayana, Pavani Naidu, Satya Lakshmi, Krovvidi Padma.

On 11th August

Vasavi Degree college in Tadepalligudem, West Godavari; conducted a program with Bapaya Sharma, organized by Veerla Venu Gopal Rao, Aditya Mani, and Ratna mala.

On 17th August

At Aditya Degree college in Tadepalligudem, West Godavari; The chief guest was Bogireddy Adi Lakshmi (Swavlambi Bharat Abhiyan co-convener),Bapaya Sharma (garikipati foundation chairman); organized by Veerla Venu Gopal Rao, Ambika, Pavani.

On 18th August

Conducted an empowerment program in Vidyanidhi Degree College in Amalapuram, Dr.BR Ambedkar Konaseema; the speaker was Anjani Srinivas, FPO Member Gangadhar.

On 20th August

Empowerment seminars were conducted in Sri Pragati Degree College, Tadepalligudem, West Godavari; the guest was Bogireddy Adi Lakshmi ( Swavlambi Bharat Abhiyan Co-Convener); organized by Narayana, Lakshmi Prasanna, Veerla Venu Gopal Rao, Pavani Naidu.

On 21st August

Conducted an empowerment program in GEMS MBA College, Tirupati; the speaker was Margani Somasekhara; organized by Sri Chandrappa, Omkar Homes.

On 22nd August

At Deepthi Degree College in Mamidikuduru, Konaseema; the speaker was Anjani Srinivas. It was organized by Vegi Venkateswara Rao, FPO chairman, and Dvs Garu college chairman.

On 24th August

We conducted in Adikavi Nannaya University Campus in Tadepalligudem, West Godavari. Oleti Satyanarayana garu (Prantha Samparka Toli Pramuk), Bapaya Sharma garu, Bogireddy Adi Lakshmi garu; organized by Kolachana Lakshmi, Pavani Naidu, Veerla Venu Gopal Rao garu.

On 25th August

In Horticulture University, Venkataramannagudem (Tadepalligudem), West Godavari conducted the program with the speakers Bhupathi Raju Ramakrishna Raju Garu (organic farmers association State President), Bogireddy Adi Lakshmi Garu, Bapaya Sarma Garu; organized by Veerla Venu Gopal Rao Garu, Sai Garu, Pavani Naidu.

On 26th August 2022

We visited Akula Sreeramulu Homeopathy College. This empowerment program was organized by Smt. Bhogireddy Adilakshmi, BJP Leader; Shri. Vannenreddy Naveen, Pavani Naidu.

On 6th September

We held an empowerment seminar in Shyamala junior and degree College in Tadepalligudem, West Godavari; the speaker was Bogireddy Adi Lakshmi Garu; organized by Veerla Venu Gopal Rao Garu, Mohan.

On 7th September

In BVC Engineering college Swavlambi Bharat Abhiyan was held, in Batlapalem, Konaseema established a program on youth empowerment, and the speaker was Smt. Bogireddy Adilakshmi Garu and Anjani Srinivas motivated the students by explaining the students about importance of Vocal for Local and Youth Contribution as a consumer as well as the producers of products; organized by Pavani Naidu.

On 10th September

We conducted an Empowerment program at Vasavi Diploma College. This was organized by Vannemreddy Naveen and Pavani Naidu. The chief guests of the program are Shri. Veerla Venu, Swathi Garments, and Shri. Bapayyasarma, Founder Garikipati Foundation.

On 16th September



National Institute of Technology (NIT AP) Tadepalligudem West Godavari, Dr. S.Linga Murthy Garu (Assistant Professor of Economics, Central University of Karnataka); organized by Pudi Mohan, Veerla Venu Gopal Rao Garu, Pavani Naidu. That program stated that 1.2 Crore students are coming out as graduates to this society looking for opportunities. Instead of looking for employment, the students must have the skills and passion to provide opportunities to the people around them by Swavlambi Bharat Abhiyan.


On 21st September

Conducted program in Sri Chintalapati Varaprasada Murthy Raju Government Degree College, Ganapavaram.

On 23rd September

We conducted an entrepreneurship program in Sri Vasavi GMR inter & Degree College.



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