Stop wasting time on your phone.
The best way to get out of smartphone addiction is:

1. Screen Time

First, let’s assess the issue. You can find the screen time in settings of your mobile and better to note down the percentage of usage and date.Start your journey by just deleting on app per day as part of your de-addiciton process
If you are one among the people who spend 5 to 6 hours of time using smartphone .This might terrify you, but don’t worry. We’ll take care of that.

2. Digital Minimalism

Keep reviewing homepage and check yourself if the apps on home page are really useful or not
By next week, you won’t recognize your phone.

3. Home Screen

As you align and maintain you home and your bed room. Align and arrange your home screen with important apps so that you don’t waste your time searching for the one you need.. Let’s optimise it. Sort your applications by categories.
For example
This process will make the process simple

4. Notifications

Let’s fix that.
Keep notifications off for unnecessary social networking and news applications. Such engaging apps are designed to divert the focus and kill your time. Better try to stay away from such apps.
Have a planned schedule and proper steps of time table. Many Apps keep sending notifications on regular intervals to grab the attention.

5. Application Blockers

Check your screen time once again. Note the apps that you use the most. Control such APP alerts by setting a timer or limiting notifications
just 30 minutes. There are many tools to streamline and maintain such APPs. Forest and Flora are such tools that can help you best.. These will break the feedback loop of aimlessly scrolling across applications.

6. Black and White

Many Apps use attractive and funky colors to keep the users engaging. The reason behind it is simple. Dopamine release gets boosted with such attractive and engaging colors keeping users looped in the sequence of unending entertainment
Let’s change that.

7. Limitations

Take this time too
Keeping the mobile in reverse direction and also restraining usage of mobile in bedroom or living room strictly can also help.

8. Unplug

There are many options to get yourself out of the Smartphone addiction. It’s a great option to go for social media detox for at least 40days to maintain some distance.
Take these applications off your phone. Give yourself quality alternatives by goinng on more walks, listening to podcasts, and hanging out with friends. Take this time to nurture real life experiences.
You’ll be unrecognizable in 30 days.

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