What and when is Ramzan?

Ramzan is the most sacred month of the year in Islamic culture. Most of the world’s one.8 billion Muslims can observe it. throughout Ramzan, Muslims quick each day from dawn to sunset, however, it’s conjointly a time for families to assemble and celebrate. At the top of Ramzan, there’s a three-day celebration referred to as Eid al-Fitr or the pageant of breaking the quick.

In 2022, Ramzan begins on Saturday, April 2, and ends on Sunday evening, May 1.

Why is it important for marketers?

Changes in daily behavior have control over shopping behavior – and this creates sales opportunities for brands. From planning meals for family gatherings to buying new clothes for social events, buying luxury items, and booking a trip, there are improvements in many verticals.

Everyone focuses on eating – or not eating at all – food and cooking are important areas of interest. In the month leading up to Ramzan, 33% of people in the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt will increase their grocery shopping, according to research by Facebook and Gander. 24% also buy home appliances at this time. During Ramadan, we see a 1000% increase in searches for recipes and desserts.

Fashion is also important during Ramzan. Brands like Mango, Cos, and Oscar de la Renta have created Ramzan Ramzancollections in the past.

Understand your audience – and their challenges

Ramzan 2022 is the 1st celebration of the last 2 years wherever families and friends are allowed to assemble with no restrictions. The Covid-19 restricted celebrations in 2020 and 2021 create this year an additional cherished occasion. Providing sensitive and relevant content now can facilitate your complete convert a wider audience.

Ramzan generally makes people consume more content online. A month before Ramzan, YouTube cooking videos are on the rise, with Google claiming 30% more than average in the first week of the holy month.

22 Social Media Post Ideas for Ramdan

Product tutorial

Use a short format video such as Reels or TikTok to show a short tutorial on the product you are presenting. A tutorial post will attract potential customers and show current clients a new way to apply your product.

Show off your merch

For traditionally product-oriented businesses such as restaurants or service-based businesses, merchandise is a fun way to bring in another revenue and increase your brand awareness.

New flavor or product announcement

Encourage your followers about the latest and greatest of your business, such as this bold flavor announcement by Rachel Ginger Beer.

Engaging post

Increase your account’s engagement with an attention-grabbing post partnered with a caption that asks a straightforward question to induce your followers to reply. This post from Shake Shack is easy however effective and bound to bring out some sturdy opinions.

Post about your open positions

Social media is a great place to focus your recruitment efforts and find qualified people to fill your open roles like this post from Society.

Show off happy customers

Happy customers attract more happy customers! Showing real photos like this one from Shug’s Soda Fountain shows the important aspect of your business and other people are additional seemingly to follow you.

Just for fun

Show your brand nonsense page like this post by The Sill. When they catch your attention with a cute pup working from home, they manage to show off their products and talk about them in the title.

Answer an industry question

Like this video by real estate company Mynka Morris, go to Reels to answer a common question in your industry. It is short, educational, and impressive.

Introduce yourself

Close contact with your customers and followers is one of the best areas of a small business. To help newcomers get more reception, an introductory post like this one will always be a good idea.

Post about holiday specials

Discover ways to celebrate seasons like this beautiful idea from Pies ‘n’ thighs. It’s stunning and fun and provides customers with enough info to order.

Quick tips

Tiny tips will have a giant impact on your engagement. Get inspired by these little hack-like construction pro tips they shared.

Celebrate a win

From personal achievements to business milestones, like this post by Breegan Jane, the post will mark the opportunity for others to celebrate with you.

Post about something unique to your business

Small quirks and charms can be part of the magic that keeps customers shopping with small businesses. Shakespeare & Company has revealed client portraits of the beloved resident cat of the shop.

Reshare a famous post from other social media channels

Changing from tweets on Twitter to static image posts for your other social media is a famous social media trend. This funny tweet from Meow Wolf comes to life on their Instagram feed.

Celebrate your community

If you have a brick-and-mortar business, it can be fun to post about the local neighborhood or community to celebrate where you are an element. This post by Visit Seoul reminds you to slow down and appreciate the little things.

Create FOMO

The clear skies and drinks with friends sound like a great mix, and Scarborough Beach Bar does a great job of making you both like it!

Keep followers informed

Keeping your followers sophisticated on native events is another artistic plan to extend community engagement.

Share special offers

Use the post to cue followers of time-sensitive options.

How do you payback

Customers are more interested in knowing where their money is going and the values ​​behind the businesses they support.

Reshare customer content

Branded hashtags and Instagram-like backgrounds like these from Pop-up Crosser are a good thanks to building a complete relationship and making quality user-generated content or UGC.

Show your products in action

Showing customers how your product works, moves or fits helps with the searching expertise.

Take your audience behind the scenes

Social media followers want to know what is going on behind the perfectly compiled image that social media popularly portrays.



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