Social Media Marketing Strategies

It’s a new year and a new focus on how we can increase our business metrics via social media. Too many small businesses tend to use the metrics from last year to equate for the current year. How they go about it and how they try to remediate it can cause more issues that can affect those metrics in the long run; however, they believe giving social media ownership to younger staffers expecting them to “understand” social media or by aiming at low hanging fruit for views will bring that in. Today, I will go over two basic social media strategies that can help your business strive.


Knowing how your competitors operate.

One of the most important aspects of business is not only understanding how your business operates but those of your competitors.  Most companies do not operate in isolation and neither should you. One of the key factors to understanding this is that the areas you feel your company is weak in and your competitors are strong in can be used to your advantage. Using their data can strengthen you in those areas. Rest assured that the areas you feel you are strong in your competitors may be weak in and use to their advantage. In essence, you’re using the bricks that have fallen from their fort to help you build a better foundation for yourself.


Understanding the importance of new tech and platforms

Covid-19 has opened a new plethora of ways for us to commute and why we should commute in that format. Having incentives and explaining the important of commuting say, via discord, not only shows that you’re willing to communicate over new avenues but it opens up a dialogue on how the platform itself can be used as a metric. Discord allows “channels” and these channels can be made for different activities or parties. Thus allowing for better community engagement with the product you have from your business.


This might help you strive, but the last piece of information I give you is less a strategy but wisdom. Set realistic goals for yourself and those around you. A business is only as strong as the foundation that it sits upon, literally and metaphorically. Focus on being better than the year before, not seeking perfection as perfection set a plateau for yourself.

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