Social Media Manager Salary

Thanks to the popularity of social media sites like Facebook and YouTube, businesses can now interact directly with their opportunities. They can add value to their future careers and gain more customers. Social media sites are great for brand development and lead creation.

To make the best use of the sites, companies need to hire the services of social media experts. Digital marketing is now one of the most sought-after fields. Today, we will discuss the different roles of social media pay in India:

Social Media Manager Salary India

The average salary of social media managers is Rs. 5.6 lakh per annum in India. The starting salary for these professionals is Rs. 5 lakhs per annum. Experts with experience in this field earn up to Rs 7.5 lakh per annum.

The demand for social media managers in India is high due to the growing popularity of social media sites and their applications. Many companies recognize the benefits of using social media sites. For that purpose, they hire social media managers.

Job Profile of Social Media Manager

Social media managers are responsible for organizing and managing the company’s social media activities. They need to have excellent communication skills so they can lead a team of social media experts. Their job is to help the company achieve its social media goals.

They work with other managers of the company to discuss the company’s social media presence and what changes they can make. They run social media campaigns to promote their brand.

Social media managers need to check and approve every piece of content their team creates to see if it meets the brand’s voice and goals. They have to write company reports and answer questions. That is why they need to be proficient in using Word documents, spreadsheets, etc.

Social Media Executive Salary in India

This is an entry-level job and is often chosen by newcomers. Companies often hire trainees who have graduated from college and completed a short-term digital marketing course. Candidates have domain knowledge but lack experience, so they gain training time. This is an easy entry-level job to help you start your career in the field of digital marketing.

The salary of social media executives starts from Rs 3.3 lakh per annum (Rs 20,000 to Rs 30,000 per month). As you get experience, your salary will increase.

The salary of social media executives depends on many factors including location, employer, and experience. As with other social media businesses, the demand for social media executives continues to grow.

Social Media Specialist Salary in India

Social media professionals earn about 4.7 lakh a year. After gaining enough experience in this role, you can be promoted to a social media manager.

Digital marketing agencies are increasingly hiring social media professionals.

Skills Required for Social Media Marketing Job

To get well-paid jobs in this field (social media), you need to learn some skills. Having the skills you need will help you get better pay. For example, social media managers with strategic skills earn 19% more than their peers.

Here are the skills you need to learn to get these roles:

Social Media Marketing

You should be popular with social media marketing and its various concepts. Studying analytics, engaging, and developing content ideas are just some of the various tasks that fall under this domain.

You should be aware of paid advertising on social media sites. You also need to be aware of the individual needs of each site. For example, Pinterest and Instagram are both image-based sites but differ significantly in terms of users and UI.

Content management

Content management refers to the planning, organization, and creation of content. As a social media expert, you need to use multiple content tools to plan content and advertise on different channels. You need to know how to create a content calendar and style guide.

Planning and Strategy

You can plan content and create content strategies.  What wonderful but valuable content can you publish? Here are some things you need to answer to create a good content strategy.

You need to create a solid advertising strategy. What keywords are in your target audience? Where do they live? Such questions will help you better identify your target consumer.


Learning about social media marketing can help you get some profitable jobs in the industry. Companies need social media professionals a lot, and they pay a pretty hefty amount of talent.



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