We know you have the best skills for SEO specialist and you are the best candidate for that job, but do you know, many of them did not make it to the interview stage just because of their RESUME.

Having perfect Resume would 90% solve the problem and increase the chances of selection. So, here are the 5 tips for making a showstopping resume:

Before coming to tips, you just need to visit any site for resume format, you can select any according to the job.


1. H Part:

This is the most important part of your resume; you need to make it simpler and easy for employer to grab their attention immediately.

How to do:

  1. If you are experienced candidate then enter your Full Name with your current role and if you are a fresher then enter your Full Name with ‘SEO Trainee’ as your job title also do explain the title part later on.
  2. Under that, enter a 50-word short description about yourself (consider yourself as a product and you need to sell it to the employer)
  • Add your email. Remember to use a professional “first-name.last-name” format email address and avoid this embarrassing scenario.
  1. Enter your phone number and your Professional profiles such as Linkedin or Twitter and if you are not on these platforms then you must need to create at least on LinkedIn.
  2. If you have a website, enter the website address.
  3. You can add a professional photo to your resume also, it is not compulsory but add value to it. It shows how professional dressed are you.

The next part is adding your education, simply add what you had studied. It is least important for a job related to SEO as skills matter most of the time.


Add work you have done earlier. If you have not done work related to SEO, then do not hesitate to add the work you have done. Employers generally know how much you are dedicated to work and how much efficient are you.

Do mention in details about the achievements you have achieved earlier.

Add like this:

  • Enter the company name and role with dates like from when to when.
  • Enter a short description of the role 10-15 words.
  • Add your achievement in points
  • Add a reference for the job (optional).
  1. SKILLS:

This is the most important part that employer looks in details. SEO fully depended on the skills. Do mention the right skills with their applicability.

You can add skills like : Research, Hardworking, Project management skills, back-linking techniques, writing skills, technicality, etc.

  1. Add about the TOOLS you have used:

Every SEO candidate love tools, and we know many of the hiring mangers focus on the tools knowledge and experience before hiring.

Some of the famous tools are Ahrefs, Google Analytics, and Google Search Console, ubersuggest, etc.

  1. Add Certification:

In this section, you need to add all relevant certification that you have earned. Remember, add the certification that are related to SEO, general certification would not help you to get the desired job.

  1. Add Languages you Speak:

For any organization, you need to communicate. Communicate with the team, with superiors or subordinated and to communicate you need to know languages. Basic Language you must need to know is ENGLISH. Other languages like Spanish, French etc. would be more applicable if you are joining the companies in the respective countries.

  1. Add your Interest:

A lot of hiring employers are interested in knowing about your interests at the interview stage to ease you into the interview. It will be good for you to already know about the questions asked and prepare them best. Hopefully, it goes without saying that you should stick to relatively non-controversial topics here.

In last, when you checked everything in the Resume and you are happy with it just export it. To do this, go to your resume and click on Download > PDF Document (.pdf).

Final Thoughts:

Do not afraid – be confident! You have the skills! Focus more on the skills and experience you are giving to the company.

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