An Introduction to Video Sizes on Instagram

In a few minutes, we will dive into specific details about Instagram reels’ sizes and specifications. First, we want to provide a quick overview of how video works on Instagram and why you would like to add it to your marketing playbook.

If you’ve wondered about the popularity of videos on the Instagram platform, check this out – five million videos were posted within the first 24 hours of the Instagram reels release. As more and more businesses find new ways to use video marketing on Instagram, they will move away from the trend for photos and photos. Most brands are in the group with this kind of content because they bring in more engagement rate videos on Instagram, and you don’t want your brand to lag.

Instagram stories

It would be a huge understatement to say that Instagram stories have become a popular feature of this social media site. First launched in 2016 as a reflection of Snapchat’s popularity, it now has around 500 million – yes, half a billion – daily stories feature personal users worldwide.

Size and dimensions of videos

Stories differ from regular feed videos, primarily due to their short lifespan. If you post an Instagram story on your account, it will be up to 24 hours. This kind of limited-time-only content brings a different angle to your marketing efforts. This is a great way to engage more deeply with your audience. Since the content usually does not work after the first day, viewers will feel as if they are involved in something.

Instagram Reels

Anyone who has used TikTok will quickly recognize what Instagram Reels is all about. This form is reminiscent of what is offered on TikTok. Use it to create fun videos that show the personality of your brand and give followers a reason to respond and get involved. Think of reels as an alternative to stories. Plus – the reels offer more editing features and will not be removed after 24 hours.

Like the stories, the reels are designed to be vertical, fullscreen, and mobile viewing. This would be a good place to showcase a new product or announce an upcoming event, and many editing features make it easy to create a memorable video that will stay in the minds of your audience. In early 2021, Instagram Reels announced ads that would further attract small businesses to use video formatting.

Videos size and dimensions


When planning your first reel, be sure to make a video at a ratio of 9:16. This is often called portrait mode. This is the format of the video that will be displayed when loading your reel, so it is important to create it with the right dimensions.


The pixel dimensions for Instagram Reel videos measure 1,080 x 1,920.


Other important specifications include the length of these videos, which can run up to 15 seconds or 30 seconds. It’s worth knowing that you do not have to shoot your reel as a single video – you can combine several video clips to create the reel if you wish. Also, you can upload videos you have already created to use as reels.


Like other Instagram post types, you can add up to 2,200 characters of the title to your reel. There is a limit of 30 hashtags you can add to any post, so be wary of that number when linking this content together to enjoy your audience.

Time to Capitalize on the Power of Instagram Videos

We hope the valuable information in this article will help you create Instagram videos with the right dimensions and sizes. We are proud to present a tool that will help solve future Instagram video size problems. Advertising is another way to make your marketing career easier!



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