How to Promote Your Local Business in Ways You Might Have Overlooked Before

Having a local business means you have a customer base on tap that passes your front door every day or sees your sign each time they drive past on the way home. As you may have discovered during the coronavirus pandemic, that customer base has alternatives, and this means you will need to spread your net a little wider, too, if you wish to survive.

You might not have much experience with any other form of business promotion other than word of mouth, or even if you had, you simply spent money with online advertising that probably didn’t go well due to your lack of experience. Luckily there are other ways to get what you want; they just might be things you hadn’t considered before.

Find your ‘USP’

If you run a business where the service you provide requires your customer to be physically present (like, for instance, a nail bar or barbers), you might think that attracting people from outside the area is time wasted, as they won’t want to travel past three other businesses that offer the same service just to get to yours.

The answer here is to offer what they can’t – and find a USP (unique selling proposition) that makes it worth their while. It could be a unique product or service or an excellent level of service that keeps them coming back.

Radio advertising

Whether you have that USP or not, you need to let people know you exist. Having a website is vital (more on that next), but online is not the only channel people engage with, especially if they are sat in their cars or do a job that does not entail sitting in front of a computer (there are more of these than you might think).

Radio advertising can reach all of those, and by looking at, you will see that it might not be as costly as you think either. You might want to also look at what services are available to create a good quality ad so that you set yourself apart from any other local businesses that have the same idea.

Focus on your web presence

People search online even for local products and services, so you need to get your foot in the door here too. First and foremost, this will involve getting your website up to date with everything you have to offer (even if they can’t buy what you have online just yet). It needs to look professional and load quickly, so you might want to opt for getting a web designer involved over doing it all yourself.

Getting the right people involved can also help in other areas like SEO. You might not be aware of how this works or even what it is – but getting it right can mean you rank higher in search engine results for relevant keywords. In your case, this could relate to the service you offer and the area you are in, which is what people are most likely to look for if they don’t know you by name.


The seven best ways to promote local business online are strong media relations with brand presence on social media, paid campaigns and digital media advertising, Press Releases, Direct Mailing or Strong Loyalty/ Coupon management system with Organic Search Engine Optimization techniques. Sending frequent promotional offers over message, email, social media accounts or WhatsApp also helps to boost the relationship with the existing customers and also to attract new customers.  Online reputation management also helps to boost the business.

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