Instagram Aesthetic

This simple Instagram aesthetic delivery expresses your vibrancy and keeps your audience refreshed with images, videos, and 24-hour stories that connect you to the world – and to everyone who wants to explore your brand.

Before you start sharing a look at your company, your services, or your lifestyle, you need to make sure that your account does not look like the last-minute lazy attempt by your aunt Carol from your bad prom photos.

We have found incredible and successful Instagram Aesthetic and digital marketing experts to give you an in-depth understanding of the best way to start your own account and how to maintain it to grow followers who are loyal to your brand.

7 steps to Create an Instagram Aesthetic

Know your audience first

katwalters’ Instagram expert Kate Walters knows how important it is to connect your brand visually with your customers, and dedicates her creativity to training others through a free Instagram class to achieve success through the app.

Of course, messaging and topics are very important to your audience, but the visual features of your account will resonate first.

Choose a consistent color scheme

The first big thing to determine about your Instagram Aesthetic account – before you start worrying about hashtags and advanced engagement – is a basic color scheme or color palette. This allows you to make your stock of pictures and videos look like a compiled package, rather than a chaotic hoard of fragmented moments.

Have a theme

In the same sense that you want to get a consistent color scheme, you need to choose a theme to focus on. A theme is more than one thing – it also involves being true to certain set guidelines.

It helps you build your audience and grow hashtags, and it helps you constantly track and build followers.

Design for the grid – and then break it

Of course, when setting up a brand on Instagram, you have to consider a lot more than your personal photos – you have to think about how each image will look on stage.

Dividing photos into tiles for Instagram can also have a big impact. You may have already seen the very elegant spreads where an image takes 6 or 9 tiles over your grid to make it look like a gigantic image.

Edit your images before posting

Taking professional pictures with your smartphone is not only possible, it is a very common practice, but it does not mean that you can cut the most important step – the editing process.

Occasionally you will get a lucky moment when your image changes to “perfect” on your mobile and you can post it directly on Instagram Aesthetic, but that is the exception, not the rule. The good news is that there are numerous applications developed to help you edit and hack the perfect look for your pictures.

Increase your followers through stories and hashtags

Taking a page from the Snapchat book, Instagram Aesthetic became more interactive with the launch of “Stories” in 2016. Instagrammers (and Snapchat lovers) were delighted!

“You should use Instagram stories as a“ highlight ”reel of everyday customer interactions behind your scenes,” explains Sydney, “to express your unique personality and work style.

Pull it all together

If you combine all these elements together, you will get a branded Instagram account that will hit all the right hoops online.

Take it from Kate: “Having an Instagram feed that looks like Mish Mash will confuse your followers – but when you create a consistent theme that expresses the‘ soul essence ’of your brand. That is, in just 3 seconds your followers will know clearly about your message and brand. This will create an instant deep connection with the right person for you. How powerful it is. ”



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